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CMM Integration Series Increases Measurement Productivity

The Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) is changing its role in manufacturing with it transitioning from quality lab to direct front-line manufacturing support.  ZEISS has newly introduced its CMM Integration Series to integrate quality assurance and optimizes processes to increases measurement productivity.

The Integration Series solutions provide loading system, integration and CMM automation. The broad spectrum of the ZEISS Integration Series solutions ranges from manual loading systems with ergonomic advantages to fully automated cells that increase CMM throughput by maximizing machine utilization. ZEISS offers products as standard solutions as well as individual projects perfectly adapted to an individual processes which can be used in the measuring room as well as directly in the production environment.

Rotating setup station provides fast pallet exchange

The software solutions of the ZEISS Integration Series enable hassle-free automation of CMMs and peripherals, as well as the control of fully automated cells – intuitive interfaces ensure that all applications can be used even by untrained operators.

Products from the ZEISS Integration Series allow users to integrate their quality assurance and its data where it’s needed. Measuring close to production allows for quick quality statements and direct countermeasures. The quality assurance systems are adapted to the production environment and the measurement data is recorded centrally making it possible to regulate adverse conditions such as temperature fluctuations or to integrate manual measurement results directly into automated processes.

GageStation Integrates Manual Measurements

Zeiss CMM GageStation incorporates manual measurements

The newly introduced ZEISS GageStation, integrated with ZEISS PiWeb software, combines measurement data from handheld measuring devices with CMM measurement data and visualizes them in a comprehensible manner via touch screens and measurement report templates. The GageStation offers a compact footprint and offers protection from environmental influences in the production environment that can falsify measurement results. GageStation can incorporate both the ZEISS DuraMAX shop-floor CMM and the ZEISS optical machine series.

Protecting the CMM from Environmental Influences

ZEISS ThermoStation protects CMM from environmental influences

The recently launched ZEISS ThermoStation shields CMM measurement processes from very high temperature fluctuations and harsh conditions in the production environment. The small footprint enclosure houses the CMM, protecting it from environmental influences.  CMMs such as ZEISS CONTURA can be used where they are needed – and are guaranteed to deliver accurate measurement results. The ThermoStation offers an integrated pallet feeding system allowing for ergonomic part loading

Automation Interface

The ZEISS Automation Interface allows users to easily automate a measuring device without any engineering effort. In addition to starting inspection plans and providing feedback on measurement results or machine status, the application allows users to control CMM peripherals. The interface is preconfigured for all products in the ZEISS Integration Series such as the control of automatic fixtures or pallet feed can be configured effortlessly with just a few clicks. Individual users developed fixtures can also be controlled via configuration. Standardized communication interfaces include OPC UA, Profinet, EthernetIP with simple configuration directly via the user interface eliminating complex PLC programming.

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