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Robotic 3D Scanning Smart Cell Extends Measuring Performance

Gantry Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) have been extensively used throughout manufacturing industry to support the precision inspection of large parts in the aerospace, construction and agricultural equipment, die and mold. military and heavy fabrication industries. With the rise of 3D scanning, and its migration from hand-held to the application of robotic scanning automation with the use of industrial robots and cobots, measuring systems supplier 3D Infotech has extended automated scanning even further with the introduction of its Smart Measuring Cell.

The Smart Cell, from 3D Infotech, goes beyond the capability of traditional CMMs with fast and accurate 3D scanners that can achieve full part scanning coverage.  When required, a combination of sensors can provide both worlds’ of fast scanning of large part surfaces with precise scanning of small component details.

A 7th axis rail of the Smart Cell, upon which a robot is mounted, allows for the scanning measurement of parts larger than the robot measuring volume. The sturdy and robust system supports both cobots and heavier traditional industrial robots. The rail length can be customized from 12 ft (5.7 m) to 30 ft (14.2 m), the measuring cell is self-supported with legs anchored to the floor.

Fast and Accurate 3D Scanning and Automated Inspection

Smart Cell has the tools to program and deploy automated inspections using a high definition 3D scanner. Once data has been acquired, the information is analyzed, and results are delivered automatically in a Polyworks inspection report. When inspecting a large batch of parts, SPC can be performed and presented directly in the report.

Smart Cell is driven by Streamline quality control automation software developed to automate robotic 3D scanning inspections. At its core, the task of Streamline is to orchestrate different pieces of hardware and software to play a seamless inspection. One of the essential principles of Streamline is its ease of use addressing user needs by providing a single interface to program the sensor, robot, and motion systems simultaneously. Since Streamline is used mainly on the factory floor having a simple user interface for operators is crucial.

The latest Streamline v1.6 offers numerous new features, new devices, and more advanced tools embracing all types of 3d scanning projects.

“The new version of Streamline is the response to the evolving needs of our customers; we are extending the scope of our technology to become the single software tool to drive different stages of quality control in the manufacturing process.” Said Rohit Khanna, President of 3D Infotech.

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