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International Industrial Metrology Conference Goes Online

The International Conference on Industrial Metrology, entitled ‘Metrology 4.0 A Key Enabler of Industrial Decision Intelligence’, will be conducted online on April 7th and will offer not only content and training in the latest advances in the field of industrial quality, but also proposes a virtual space in order to create a discussion forum to build a communication network in the direction toward the future of automation, Industry 4.0, Intelligent Metrology and Digital Factory.

The conference will take place in a digital environment in which, in addition to content, there will be virtual technology demos. The conference is tailored around the latest industry developments, presented buy the top international companies such as Innovalia Metrology, Tekniker, Ideko, Zeiss, Datapixel and more.

In recent years, the Conference has had an important international participation that established considerable and important network between the speakers and the professionals that participated which ended up being translated in collaborations and advances in the Quality sector. The online space enabled for the Conference will offer speakers and attendees downloads of teaching material, innovative and latest studies in new measurement technologies.

Toni Ventura of Datapixel will deliver the keynote introducing the key elements of digital transformation in industrial metrology, on the path to more sustainable and flexible manufacturing, seamlessly integrated into engineering and operations processes. The keynote presents the opportunities that the digital twin, the cloud, artificial intelligence, the IIoT, the edge, and the connected worker offers to maximize asset, production, and supply chain performance. The new role that industrial metrology must play in the face of digital acceleration is analyzed, and how the level of digital maturity of metrology is a key factor for the success of the global digitalization of the factory.

The conference program includes the following topics:

  • New Framework for Industrial Metrology driving Decision Intelligence
  • Vision integrated system for a robot self-calibration solution through 6 DOF uncertainty assessment
  • How to improve the accuracy of laser-based systems using straight lines
  • Virtual uncertainty determination and error analysis for CMM laser
  • 5 Axis Machine Tool Metrology
  • Advanced Quality Planning with ISO QIF
  • Development of an optimized close-range photogrammetry measurement system for coordinate metrology

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