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For When Measurement Needs To Be Ultraprecise

ACCRETECH has launched the RONDCOM CREST, a new high-end profile measuring instrument, which is the most accurate roundness and cylindrical profile measuring instrument in its class in terms of its values: It offers roundness accuracy of (0.01+3H/10000) μm and smoothness accuracy of (0.02+3R/10000) μm. Compared to the previous generation R65B, ACCRETECH has increased repeatability by 0.3 μm. The straightness accuracy of the Z measuring axes of 0.05µm/100mm and a resolution of 0.001 µm is not achieved by any other form measuring instrument on the market.

In addition, the high-end measuring instrument has a counter-rotating diameter measuring function. This enables extremely precise measurements of diameters with a repeatability of 0.3 μm. An important prerequisite for this is the additional motorized Y-axis, which ensures that measurements are always automatically taken at the highest point.

To achieve this ultra-high accuracy, ACCRETECH has optimized the mechanical structure of the base and axes of the RONDCOM CREST. A newly developed patent-pending drive and guidance mechanism is used. A non-contact mechanism was selected for both the guide and the drive of the two movement axes: aerostatic air bearings guide the movements of the two axes (R and Z). The aligning table is also attached to a rotary air bearing, which guides the high-precision rotary movements.

Compared to plain bearings, air bearings operate without contact and therefore cause no abrasion, which means that the accuracy of the measuring system remains constant over a long period of time. ACCRETECH has also significantly reduced the vibrations caused by the air bearings with a newly developed nozzle. The measures taken to reduce vibrations above all ensure high-precision roughness measurements.
The two axes are driven by linear drives. Unlike conventional spindles, these motors cause neither noise nor vibration. The noise behavior for measurements of the Ra value is 20 nm.

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