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x-3Dsurface Provides Commercial Vehicles Chassis Geometry Measurement

The great diversity of models, the high variability of track widths and wheels, and an ever-increasing number of driver assistance systems mean that commercial vehicle production requires increasing flexibility for measuring and adjusting chassis geometry at the end of the line.

To meet these requirements, the test engineering specialists from Dürr Assembly Products GmbH have developed and implemented the non-contact sensor x-3Dsurface in the x-wheel truck d wheel alignment stand for commercial vehicles. Several projects at well-known premium commercial vehicle manufacturers demonstrate the strengths of innovative sensor technology globally.

The sometimes multi-axle structure of commercial vehicles poses unique challenges for measurement technology, which the non-contact sensor x-3Dsurface can address. Its outstanding features are its highly precise surface-based measurement and that it is ready to perform measurements immediately, providing a significant cycle time benefit, especially for multi-axle commercial vehicles.

The measurement contains much more information than the previous line-based system and covers more vehicle types. These strengths allow the customer to perform a more efficient and stable chassis geometry measurement. Furthermore, the flexible sensor distinguishes itself by integrating easily into existing systems and is not sensitive to outside interference.

Two Cameras – Three Dimensions

The two cameras of the non-contact system capture the entire wheel and display it as a three-dimensional ‘measuring surface in space.’ The measuring surface helps to calculate chassis geometry values such as toe-in and camber. The innovative sensor x-3Dsurface also enables non-contact caster and kingpin inclination measurement for the first time without having to mount measuring plates on the wheel. Precise adjustment of the chassis geometry ensures that the steering wheel remains straight while the vehicle is driving straight ahead, and tire wear is optimized, ensuring increased range on commercial vehicles with either a combustion engine or electric motor.

Commercial Vehicle Manufacturers Favor New Technology

Joint tests in the Dürr Assembly Products factory in Saarland, Germany, verified the function, reliability, precision, and reproducibility of the new sensor with the most accuracy on the calibration gauge and various commercial vehicles. Based on the positive test results, many European commercial vehicle manufacturers have decided to equip all new test stands with the technology and retrofit the new sensor to existing machines.

It is not only European companies that the sensor has impressed. Many other premium commercial vehicle manufacturers in the USA, China, and Brazil have equipped their new wheel alignment stands with x-3Dsurface. The x-wheel truck d wheel alignment stand in combination with x-3Dsurface is ideally suited to today’s chassis geometry measurement requirements.

Dürr has packaged its technical expertise for efficient final assembly of the future under the title “NEXT.assembly.” One pillar of this is the subsidiary Dürr Assembly Products, with products and solutions for end-of-line inspection technology. NEXT.assembly is the most comprehensive offering on the market, ranging from planning and consulting to implementing individual processes in conveyor, gluing, assembly, filling, and inspection technology to the process-optimized overall system (one-stop shop). Dürr harnesses synergies at all levels and ensures increased value through intelligent and connected processes.

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