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Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Offers Ultra-Fast Scanning With Wireless Connectivity

The new 39DL PLUS ultrasonic thickness gauge redefines efficiency and connectivity in the nondestructive testing industry with ultra-fast scanning speeds and fully integrated wireless connectivity in a rugged handheld design. Building on the proven performance and versatility of its predecessor, the 39DL PLUS gauge provides a digital inspection workflow that saves inspectors time in precision and corrosion thickness inspections.

Affordable Part Scanning

With breakthrough scanning speeds, the 39DL PLUS instrument offers an industry-leading 60 Hz update rate for handheld thickness gauges. For inspection codes that require this fast scanning rate, the 39DL PLUS gauge is an easy-to-use and affordable alternative to a traditional flaw detector. Users can find thin spots more easily when scanning for minimal thickness areas on pipes and other assets affected by corrosion.

Digital Inspection Workflow

Integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities facilitate a seamless inspection workflow for Industry 4.0. Users can connect to the Link Plus iOS app, Link-Wedge software or the Inspection Project Manager (IPM) app to effortlessly share results. The gauge also offers the potential for remote control and integration, enabling convenient control of the gauge from a distance in innovative applications.

World-Class Ultrasonics

Developed by industry professionals with more than 35 years of nondestructive testing experience, the 39DL PLUS gauge enhances the performance of its predecessor trusted by tens of thousands of users around the world. The new gauge features exceptional signal quality, stable waveforms and optimized algorithms in a rugged design, enabling users to achieve accurate, reproducible measurements in any environment. Each gauge is built tough to keep working despite shocks, drops and other challenges that come with inspection work.

“With the new 39DL PLUS ultrasonic thickness gauge, we’ve reimagined the inspection experience by placing speed and connectivity at the forefront of our design,” stated Steve LaBreck, Director of Global Product Management, NDT Portable Ultrasonics at Evident. “By integrating Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® capabilities directly into the handheld gauge, we’re empowering inspectors to work smarter and faster than ever before.”

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