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Taqtile Announces Work-Instruction Platform Release For DigiLens ARGO Smartglasses

Building upon the partnership with DigiLens made public at last year’s Augmented World Expo. Taqtile, Inc., has announced a release of Manifest for use on the ARGOÔ smartglasses from DigiLens, a global leader in waveguide technology and industrial headset platforms. The combination of the ARGO hardware and Manifest work instruction software delivers a robust solution for deskless workers around the globe.

The new hand-tracking capabilities of ARGO are tailor-made for Manifest and its customers in the defense and industrial sectors. Hand tracking leverages the benefits of spatial computing, allowing users of Manifest to utilize gestures to control the user interface. The robust functionality of Manifest allows organizations to more effectively manage and scale work-instructions, enabling deskless staff to perform complex maintenance procedures, repairs, and inspections accurately and consistently, wherever the task may be.

“With the porting of high-value applications like Manifest, we expect demand for ARGO to skyrocket. That’s why we’re mass producing our smartglasses in quantities capable of meeting the market’s pent-up demand,” said Nima Shams, GM and VP, Product Business Unit, DigiLens. “Our work with Taqtile will revolutionize the productivity of deskless workers who need the power of Manifest in the rugged, socially acceptable ARGO form factor.” 

DigiLens is a leader in holographic waveguides used for XR displays. The company has developed a patented optical platform and photopolymer technology for use indoors and in bright outdoor lighting conditions, delivering superior performance in a small footprint that does not require modification to be implemented in industrial and defense environments.

Manifest complements DigiLens hardware with cutting-edge AR technology that improves operational workflows so that jobs get done more accurately and consistently. Taqtile technology empowers deskless workers to document maintenance and operational procedures, follow step-by-step work instructions, and analyze job performance and history more easily and efficiently. For complex tasks, the advanced Manifest platform enables access to real-time remote assistance from knowledge experts who can view “see-what-I-see” video and guide deskless users with spatially anchored content within the AR environment.

“ARGO is pushing the industry forward in critical ways with its combination of integrated hand tracking in a compact, wearable package,” said Dirck Schou, CEO, Taqtile. “Customers will have a powerful new option when it comes to supporting their workers.” 

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