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New Custom Air Bearing Motion Systems for Advanced Industrial Applications Launched

PI (Physik Instrumente), a global leader in precision motion control design and manufacturing, is offering custom air bearing motion systems, designed to boost performance in production, test, and metrology in a wide range of industrial applications including photonics, medical design, aerospace, and semiconductors. Building on a research and manufacturing team with hundreds of man years of air bearing and nanopositioning design experience, PI’s air bearing systems offer unprecedented levels of accuracy, stability, and flexibility.

From Miniaturized Actuators to Large Gantries

In addition to a large range of standard air bearing products, PI can design custom motion systems, from miniature linear actuators and spindles to large multi-axis gantry systems. Both motorized, closed-loop and passive air bearing solutions are available, and air bearings can be designed to perform multiple functions in a very compact package, using the air for both bearing and actuation purposes.

Why Air Bearings?

Air bearing technology has long been recognized as a superior solution for high-precision motion control, offering frictionless and vibration-free movement and exceptional velocity stability. PI’s air bearing motion systems harness the advantages of this technology and enhance it further through advanced motion control algorithms – improving step and settle times, noise, and tracking accuracy. By combining state-of-the-art hardware and software, these systems can achieve ultra-precise positioning and exceptional dynamic performance, with virtually unlimited service life, significantly surpassing traditional motion control systems.

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