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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – August 14th

Read a summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Roller Probe Inspects Large-Scale Composite Materials

Waygate Technologies has announced the launch of Krautkrämer RotoArray comPAct, a portable roller probe for manual Phased Array (PA) ultrasonic inspection of large-scale composite materials. The new and enhanced technology complements the existing Krautkrämer RotoArray product line … read more

Process Monitoring and Control for Machining Operations

High productivity combined with low manufacturing costs and high workpiece quality are essential prerequisites for sustainability, profitability and competitiveness. Especially when the materials involved are difficult to machine, tool lifetimes can vary greatly – which in turn affects product quality … read more

AI Powered Visual Inspection Software Provides Real-Time Quality Control

Telit Cinterion has announced deviceWISE AI Visual Inspection, an AI-powered solution that enables automakers, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, energy and other manufacturers to optimize quality control, productivity and profitability … read more

Guidelines Issued For Safe Use of Artificial Intelligence of Weld Quality Control at Audi

The potential that AI has for many fields of application and in particular for quality control in the production context is undisputed. However, it is equally undisputed that there are also some unknowns when introducing AI technologies … read more

Industrial X‑ray Inspection vs Industrial Computed Tomography

Both industrial X‑ray inspection and industrial computed tomography are among the imaging methods used in materials testing. But how do they differ and when should which inspection method be used? This article from MicroVista evaluates both processes … read more

SICK’s Extended Ruler3000 Family Focuses on Finest Details

SICK has expanded its Ruler3000 sensor family to focus the outstanding speed and precision of its top-flight 3D streaming cameras on the finest details of high-quality, high-resolution 3D inspection and measurement … read more

Increasing Quality and Reducing Costs

Today’s modern manufacturing machinery can achieve very high degrees of accuracy. Nevertheless, workpieces continue to suffer from undesired deviations in their nominal dimensions and geometries. To limit the resulting quality losses and cost increases, manufacturers and metrologists rely on tolerances … read more

RPS Alignment Boosts Automotive Quality

Verisurf Software has announced a new RPS (Reference Point System) Alignment functionality has been added to its popular 3D metrology software. This new alignment capability is essential for automotive manufacturers to ensure precise alignment throughout the manufacturing process … read more

US Air Force Awards Structured Light In-Situ Inspection Contract

Phase3D, a startup focused on in-situ inspection for powder-based additive manufacturing (AM), has been awarded a 2-year $1.25 million contract from the Air Force Research Lab to develop a quality inspection system for cold spray AM (CSAM) … read more

Roughness and Contour Measurement System Offers Modular Design

The new Hommel-Etamic W600 series roughness and contour measurement is a robust and flexible inspection system for the metrology lab as well as shop floor production applications. The W612 has a resolution to 1nm with the TKU400 probing system. All Digiscan probe arms utilize a magnetically attached kinematic mount … read more

Dynamic Interactions Made Safe With Laser Scanning Sensors

During automated material transfer between robot cell and automated guided vehicle, personal must not stray into the danger zone unnoticed. An innovative solution secures the transfer stations by means of dynamic protective field adjustment … read more

Paperless Global Factories Delivers End To End Quality

Meccanotecnica Umbra (MTU) was founded in 1966 and through more than half a century of innovation has become a world leader in the field of mechanical seals. MTU designs, produces and markets sealing systems for rotating shafts, with applications in automotive, household appliances and other industries … read more

NPL Acquires Novel Mechanical Test Equipment to Characterise AM Metals

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL), the UK’s national metrology institute, recently added to its testing capability by acquiring an Indentation Plastometer from Plastometrex. The novel testing technology is powered by advanced algorithms which enable it to extract metal stress-strain curves from a 5-minute indentation-based test … read more

Researchers Create Innovative Sensor to Enhance Robots’ Tactile Capabilities

Researchers from Queen Mary University of London, along with collaborators from China and USA have developed an L3 F-TOUCH sensor to enhance tactile capabilities in robots, allowing it to ‘feel’ objects and adjust its grip accordingly. Achieving human-level dexterity during manipulation and grasping has been a long-standing goal … read more