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Roller Probe Inspects Large-Scale Composite Materials

Waygate Technologies, a world leader in non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions for industrial and energy inspection, has announced the launch of Krautkrämer RotoArray comPAct, a portable roller probe for manual Phased Array (PA) ultrasonic inspection of large-scale composite materials. The new and enhanced technology complements the existing Krautkrämer RotoArray product line for the aviation, space exploration and wind energy industries.

Krautkrämer RotoArray comPAct is the first product powered by the new comPAct technology from Waygate Technologies

Krautkrämer RotoArray comPAct is equipped with new Baker Hughes patented comPAct technology, enabling lighter, simpler, and more cost-effective ultrasound (UT) phased array applications. The comPAct technology eliminates the need for an additional phased array device for users, because the miniaturized electronics integrate the PA power directly into the probe.

“With the help of this industry-first technology, we aim to make phased array ultrasonic inspection easier, more cost-efficient and, most importantly, accessible to everyone in the industry,” said Miao Wang, general manager ultrasound at Waygate Technologies. “Krautkrämer RotoArray comPAct is our first product to be powered by comPAct and we look forward to bringing to market more solutions for broader applications in the coming years.”

Unique and Lightweight Phased Array Concept

The comPAct concept compresses the functionality of phased array electronics into a half-thumb-sized chip. The miniaturized instrument electronics enable a 100-fold reduction in volume and a 20-fold reduction in power consumption compared to traditional Phased Array instruments, allowing the instruments to be easily powered from a tablet or PC via a USB connection. Minimal size and light weight offer maximum flexibility for housing PA electronics in a box, directly in a scanner, or even in the Phased Array probe itself. This integration of the electronics into the probe also improves the inspection quality due to a better signal to noise ratio.

Maximum Portability and Effortless Operation

The RotoArray comPAct wheel probe combines the performance of a complete PA inspection system in a single probe. To operate the product, it can easily be connected to a tablet or PC via USB cable; and with a Wi-Fi or cellular-enabled tablet or PC users can access an available on-site network to faster share and store inspection data, thus gaining inspection insights more quickly.

RotoArray comPAct is suitable for ultrasonic NDT inspection of composite materials

Furthermore, the all-in-one solution is characterized by an ergonomic and user-friendly design that makes it also suitable and intuitive for beginners. Users are guided step-by-step through the system setup, calibration and the whole manual inspection process. The instrument ensures reliable and convenient flaw detection with maximum portability, minimum weight and excellent connectivity for time- and cost-efficient manual phased array ultrasonic inspections of large areas.

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