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Roughness and Contour Measurement System Offers Modular Design

The new Hommel-Etamic W600 series roughness and contour measurement is a robust and flexible inspection system for the metrology lab as well as shop floor production applications.

The W612 has a resolution to 1nm with the TKU400 probing system. All Digiscan probe arms utilize a magnetically attached kinematic mounted coupling that enables quick probe system changeover with minimum retooling time due to automatic probe recognition. The Digiscan probe arms are equipped with an RFID chip for simple calibration and automatic configuration.

The system is modular in design with manual height adjustment for precise probe positioning. The modular design enables upgrading of the roughness measurement system to a complete contour measurement system at any later time. The 120mm traverse unit moves at a speed of 20mm/s increasing operator productivity. The unit can either be adapted to mount on an existing customer granite base or can be supplied with granite base.

Measuring to Newly Published ISO 21920 Standard

Measuring and evaluation Evovis software offers a standardized user interface with easy-to-understand control logic and extensive support functions for tailoring individual measurement applications. Evovis offers a modern user interface for safe operation with minimal or no training required, individual free design of test plans and reports with automatic archiving, all common parameters in accordance with recently published  ISO 21920, ISO 4287, other ISO and national standards.

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