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Gatan Introduces ClearView Camera for Microscopy Imaging

AMETEK Gatan, a leader focused on enhancing and extending the operation and productivity of electron microscopes, recently announced the launch of ClearView as the next-generation scintillator camera for supporting a complete transmission electron microscopy (TEM) applications portfolio.

Using ClearView allows all researchers to capture impactful in-situ and 4D STEM data at the fastest scintillator camera framerates available. With new imaging modalities, ClearView not only elevates the quality of data in materials and research but also makes supported microscopy techniques more accessible to a broader set of users and applications.

“ClearView delivers the sensitivity and speed for your most demanding experiments, driven by a redesigned CMOS sensor,” says Cory Czarnik, Imaging and In-Situ Product Manager, Gatan. “We have enabled 4k x 4k image and video capture at 50 frames per second paired with an always-on high-dynamic range sensor readout which greatly enhances performance across a variety of TEM applications such as imaging, diffraction, 4D STEM, and in-situ studies.”

“We are excited to announce ClearView as we extend our leadership in scintillator-based cameras for a variety of TEM applications” commented Narayan Vishwanathan, Vice President and Business Unit Manager of AMETEK Electron Microscopy Technologies. “This is a very exciting time for microscopy labs, as this technology will enable ordinary labs to do extraordinary research.”

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