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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – 27th November

Summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Laser Scanner Offers Large Part Measurement Productivity

Following excellent reception for the Kreon Zephyr III 50 and Zephyr III 150 laser scanners, the Zephyr III 300 has been launched adding to the Zephyr III range bringing unprecedented productivity to CMMs with its wide 300mm laser line … read more

Mitutoyo Launches Ultra High Accuracy ‘Artisan’ CMM

Mitutoyo Japan has announced the release of the LEGEX Takumi model ultra high accuracy coordinate measuring machine. The LEGEX Takumi not only analyzes and eliminates error factors from conventional models, but also utilizes ultra-high precision lapping and finishing technology cultivated through the ‘Takumi Meister System’ … read more

Mitutoyo Industrial X-Ray Strategic Collaboration Announced

Mitutoyo Europe has announced an innovative collaboration with RX Solutions, a pioneering French manufacturer of Industrial X-ray CT Scanning Systems. Mitutoyo’s unparalleled expertise in precision measurement combined with RX Solutions’ cutting-edge X-ray imaging technology promises to revolutionize industrial inspections … read more

Collaboration To Drive AI To The Industrial Edge

Amid the rapidly evolving landscape of AI applications, not only has generative AI become a popular method for content creation, but edge AI has turned into the main force in driving transformation across industries by addressing critical pain points. Envisioning a promising future for edge AI … read more

Leveraging High Energy CT Scan Technology at Lockheed Martin

You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to appreciate the many applications of computed tomography X-ray scanning. Engineers at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control have been harnessing and developing advanced applications of this medical technology for decades to take images and analyze product parts … read more

Augmentus Intelligent No-Code Robotics Software Raises $5 Million Funding

Augmentus, a leader in no-code robotics software, has successfully raised $5 million in Series-A funding. Conventional robot programming is fragmented and costly, requiring extensive training and expertise due to proprietary programming languages resulting in 75% of lifetime costs … read more

3D Infotech Announce Alliance With Dassault Systèmes Americas

3D Infotech, provider of 3D Universal Metrology Automation has announced a new partnership with Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE company. Together they will create sustainable products and services leveraging the virtual twin to connect the real and virtual worlds through the use of augmented reality … read more

Next-Generation X-ray Image Processing and Evaluation Software

VCxray by VisiConsult, a global leader in X-ray inspection solutions, has unveiled its latest software solutions, VC.acquire and, which now serve as the bedrock of the x.OS platform. Designed to cater to the specific needs of customers and, these new offerings bring unparalleled efficiency and quality to image acquisition … read more

Perception-Based 3D Vision Drives Fully Automated Bin Picker

Comau recently introduced ‘MI.RA/Picker’, an intelligent automation solution for perception-based random bin picking. Adaptable to any brand of commercial robot, the fully automated solution uses two high-resolution laser sensors and a central camera to autonomously recognize, locate and grasp randomly placed objects … read more

Partnership To Integrate Machine Vision Into Factory Automation

Two industry leaders in machine vision and industrial image processing are independently joining forces with Siemens. As a result of the new partnerships, customers will be able to integrate machine vision applications directly into their existing automation technology. By combining their respective strengths, portfolios, and experience … read more

Line Scan Versus Area Scan Technology

There are two types of methods to acquire an image of an object: area scan and line scan. One key difference between area scan and line scan cameras is how the image is captured. In area scan cameras, a rectangular-shaped sensor captures an image in a single frame with the resulting image corresponding number of sensor pixels … read more

Metrology Center for Battery Manufacturing Announced

Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced the opening of its Battery Customer Experience Center in Seoul, South Korea. The advanced facility will assist battery manufacturers in driving innovative solutions that support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of providing access to affordable, reliable, sustainable energy … read more