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Thermo Fisher Scientific Opens Metrology Center for Battery Manufacturing

Thermo Fisher Scientific has announced the opening of its Battery Customer Experience Center in Seoul, South Korea. The advanced facility will assist battery manufacturers in driving innovative solutions that support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of providing access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all people by 2030. It also will serve as a global hub for clean energy and battery manufacturing applications, product information and education. The new center will accelerate the development of the next generation of environmentally friendly energy solutions that reduce the world’s reliance on fossil fuels, in line with Thermo Fisher’s company mission to enable its customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer.

Latest Metrology and Quality Control Technologies

LInspector Measurement and Control System addresses the need for accurate electrode coating weight measurement, multilayer thickness measurement of separator films and electrode calendering thickness measurement. 

The center will provide international battery manufacturers with access to the latest metrology and quality control (QC) technologies from Thermo Fisher, bringing together multiple state-of-the-art solutions in one demonstration environment, including the Thermo Scientific LInspector Measurement and Control System, which supports inline lithium-ion battery QC. In addition, the facility is staffed with applications experts in the fields of material characterization, extrusion, rheology, inline thickness and basis weight metrology and product inspection, offering manufacturers one-stop access to Thermo Fisher’s extensive analytical instrument expertise.

Miguel Faustino, president of chemical analysis at Thermo Fisher Scientific, said, “We are thrilled to be opening our Battery Customer Experience Center, which will help address the current manufacturing challenges facing the lithium-ion battery industry, starting from the highest level of technology development. The center will contribute to the resilience of the sector, by giving producers the knowledge and skills to address evolving needs.”

Due to its central location, the Seoul facility will act as a base from which Thermo Fisher can support battery innovation and production in key end markets, such as China. The hub will also provide a valuable information exchange for joint learning in important areas of energy storage, enabling Thermo Fisher to assist the many manufacturers and end customers it is already working alongside to expand their offerings to a wider consumer base.

Moonsoo Park, PhD., research fellow at LG Energy Solutions, said, “The opening of battery-focused customer experience center is welcomed, and we look forward to collaborating with Thermo Fisher. We expect to shape more effective verification, as well as application processes, for new, cutting-edge electrode measurement technologies in the future.”

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