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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – 13th May

Summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

‘No Code’ Programming – Advancing CMM Productivity

In the realm of precision manufacturing and quality control, Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) play a crucial role in ensuring component dimensional accuracy. Recent advancements in CAD-integrated metrology software have significantly improved the process of CMM programming, where these machines are instructed to measure parts automatically. Despite these advancements … read more

Leveraging Active Learning For Visual Inspection

In the rapidly evolving field of AI, the quest for more accurate and efficient models is unending. One promising approach that has gained significant traction is active learning. In this article, Miron Shtiglitz, director of product management at AI for visual inspection specialist QualiSense, explores how active learning can … read more

Mobile Laser Scanning Robot Automates Large Object Measurement

Together with the manufacturer of laser scanners API and the automated measurement data acquisition Eleven Dynamics, Neobotix GmbH has developed a robot for the automatic scanning of large objects. The data of the laser scanner are evaluated together with the exact localization of the robot … read more

3D CMM Scanning Added To Optical Shaft Measurement Machine

SYLVAC recently unveiled the integration of the Renishaw SP25M tactile 3D scanning probe into its SYLVAC-SCAN S145 optical measurement machine. This upgrade enhances the machine’s capabilities, providing a multi-sensor solution that detects features beyond optical reach. Specifically for measuring holes and slots … read more

Scanning Sensor Offers Small Field of View For Electronics Industry

In the semiconductor industry, it is the smallest details that make the difference between success and failure. With its new 3D sensor from the recently developed XCS series, Automation Technology is launching a product onto the market that is a real game changer, especially for high-performance applications in electronics … read more

Zebra Unveils New Solutions Advancing The Connected Factory

Zebra Technologies, has announced new solutions to further enable manufacturers to boost visibility, optimize quality and augment the workforce to operate as a connected factory. Manufacturers today are challenged with increasing productivity amid labor shortages. At the same time, they are managing transformation  … read more

Unveiling Power of Smart Data – Transforming Manufacturing Through Precision Metrology

In the era of Industry 4.0, where data reigns supreme, the concept of ‘smart data’ has emerged as a beacon of efficiency and insight. As manufacturers navigate through a sea of information generated by their operations, the ability to turn raw data into actionable intelligence has become paramount. The profound impact of … read more

Digital Automation and Artificial Intelligence Maximize Production Productivity

Festo is setting new standards in process optimization on the shopfloor: By using AI and other smart software solutions, Festo enables its customers to achieve maximum flexibility and increased efficiency in their production processes. A significant increase in overall system effectiveness has already been demonstrated … read more

Automated Powder Bed Analysis Uses Smart Defect Detection Software

Isar Aerospace has recently integrated the nebumind software into their 3D printing process (LPBF – Laser Powder Bed Fusion) to automate the identification and reporting of defects during the application of a new powder layer, saving time and costs in manufacturing. In the past, engineers had to evaluate the powder … read more

Stackpole Selects QualiSense’s Augmented AI To Upgrade Inspection Cells

Global engineering brand Stackpole has partnered with leading quality inspection start-up, QualiSense, to retrofit AI capabilities to its existing inspection hardware. The move follows a successful implementation period for the cutting-edge technology, which has already demonstrated a positive impact … read more

Aberlink’s Affordable Mid Size HALO Extends CMM Portfolio

Aberlink has launched the Halo CNC CMM as a lower cost alternative to its high performance Horizon CMM series. Halo is a belt-drive version of the state-of-the art linear drive Horizon CMM. The Halo CMM has been launched to fill an important gap in Aberlink’s price/performance CMM portfolio … read more

Splitting Hairs: The Enormous Impact of Micro Measurement

Look at one strand of your hair. Just one. Now, imagine the safety of your next airplane ride, the fuel efficiency of your car or the reliability of your cell phone were all dependent on something as small as 1/100th of the width of that strand of hair … read more

X-ray CT Technology Transform Tochigi Nikon’s Plastic Moulding

X-ray computed tomography (CT) technology provided by Nikon IMBU has enabled optical components production powerhouse Tochigi Nikon to unlock a game-changing solution which has transformed the world of precision plastic injection moulding. Japan-based Tochigi Nikon faced an industry-wide problem: manufacturing cylindrical plastic components such as camera lenses was a painstaking operation … read more

Visometry Twyn 2.2 Becomes Faster and More User-Friendly

Visometry, a leading provider of augmented reality solutions tailored for industrial needs, unveiled the latest upgrade to its Twyn product at the recent Control exhibition held in Stuttgart. The Twyn system, a mobile inspection tool, streamlines quality control processes in industries through intuitive tablet usage … read more