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Visometry Twyn 2.2 Becomes Faster and More User-Friendly

Visometry, a leading provider of augmented reality solutions tailored for industrial needs, unveiled the latest upgrade to its Twyn product at the recent Control exhibition held in Stuttgart. The Twyn system, a mobile inspection tool, streamlines quality control processes in industries through intuitive tablet usage. With the release of Twyn version 2.2, intricate measurement tasks are now tackled with heightened efficiency and precision, courtesy of its accelerated and user-friendly workflow.

Twyn by Visometry facilitates quality managers in swiftly identifying and scrutinizing deviations in complex assemblies like welding, directly on the production floor. Harnessing computer vision and automatic object registration, this solution ensures meticulous inspection by juxtaposing real components with their digital twins and CAD specifications, guaranteeing compliance across all elements. The adaptable AR technology aids quality engineers in fine-tuning manufacturing and assembly procedures, leading to substantial reductions in rework and transportation expenses.

The latest iteration, Twyn 2.2, introduces several enhancements to augment the efficiency and user experience of the augmented reality tool:

Accelerated Tracking Initialization: Twyn 2.2 expedites tracking initialization, allowing for seamless creation of anchor positions during tracking. Once saved, the cache is applied across all subsequent sessions of the same audit project.

Enhanced CAD Renderings: Improved visualization of contours enables finer comparison between manufactured parts and CAD data. Even intricate structures are portrayed optimally, rendering even the slightest deviations discernible.

Automatic Project Creation: The new Twyn version facilitates simultaneous generation of multiple projects from model files, proving particularly beneficial for parts inspection in incoming goods, where assessment of several product variants is customary.

Harald Wuest, CEO of Visometry, underscores the company’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction with the launch of Twyn’s latest version. He highlights features such as detailed visualization, automatic project creation, and multilingual support as key advancements developed over recent months. Wuest notes the overwhelmingly positive response received from both existing and prospective clients at the Control exhibition, underscoring their enthusiasm for the new functionalities.

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