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Aberlink Launch Collimated Lightbox For Optical CMM Inspection

Aberlink’s CCD Camera option for its cartesian CMM range has been significantly improved with the launch of a fully automated and motorized collimated lightbox. Having a 300 x 300mm X-Y measuring range, the collimated light solution enables intricate turned parts to be measured with outstanding accuracy. The total cost of the CCD Camera system and collimated lightbox is significantly less than the cost of a dedicated vision machine allowing customers to benefit from the renowned functionality, reporting and ease-of-use of the Aberlink inspection software.

Collimated light has always been needed to produce the sharp silhouette of a turned part. It produces parallel light that does not cause light reflection on angled surfaces and has long been used in profile projectors for this very reason. However, to create a collimated light source with a usable 300 x 300mm X-Y measuring range for a CMM is a significant undertaking. The white LED light source must pass through optical lenses to convert it from its natural uncollimated form to a collimated (parallel) light. The larger the X-Y measurement area, the larger the separation and size of the optical lenses must be to produce the collimated light – this is exactly why profile projectors are the shape they are.

Aberlink has produced a collimated light that follows the CCD Camera when used on an Aberlink CNC CMM. The collimated light source is only as big as the Camera field-of-view. With over thirty-one years’ experience in design and innovation, the motorized belt-drive system used in the collimated lightbox is extremely reliable and simple in its design, enabling it to be made available at a truly remarkable price.

Aberlink’s advanced camera system and vision measurement software module, offer a non-contact measuring method for use on any Aberlink bridge-style CMM. An innovative design of magnetic, kinematic joint allows a standard touch probe to be swapped with the camera in seconds. This means that components can be easily and quickly inspected using both touch trigger and vision inspection technology on the very same CMM.

“Our previous collimated light solution was static and had a fixed X-Y measuring range of 120mm diameter. Having supplied a fully automated and motorised lightbox to another vision machine manufacturer for many years, we took the decision to upgrade our own collimated light offering. The immediate improvement in measuring turned parts with automatic edge detection was beyond our expectations. The ability to quickly and easily measure turned external threads, small radii and chamfers, with a very high measurement certainty, has transformed our CCD Camera option for our CMMs. Customer feedback during demonstrations at a recent exhibition has confirmed we have an excellent vision measurement solution at a fantastic price. Any existing customer can upgrade their Aberlink CMM with the CCD Camera and collimated lightbox” explaind Aberlink Sales Director Chris Davies.

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