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X-ray Imaging Solutions Company Secures King’s Award for Enterprise Innovation

ISDI, an innovator in X-ray imaging solutions, is delighted to announce that His Majesty King Charles III, has approved the UK Prime Minister’s recommendation that ISDI should receive a King’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation category this year. ISDI now joins over 7,000 UK enterprises that have received this Royal recognition since the Awards were first created in 1965, then known as The Queen’s Award to Industry. ISDI are one of 59 winners of ‘Awards for Innovation’ in the UK this year.

The King’s Award recognises ISDI’s innovative Spectrum Logic 2824HS and 2824HR detectors for high-speed, inline automated CT inspection of electric vehicle batteries and PCBs. These products are the leading technology for these growing applications and are in production with its Korean partner in EV battery factories in Korea and China. The introduction of these products has led to revenue growth of 246% since May 2022.

The 2824HS is also used for the inline inspection of PCBs. The industry leading frame rate and low electronic noise of our detectors permits higher throughput in inline automated X-ray inspection (AXI), which is valuable to EV battery and PCB manufacturers. Next year, we aim to enable 3D inspection of EV battery cells at 70 parts per minute with a new higher speed detector.

Ed Bullard, Chairman of ISDI commented that, “the 2824HS and 2824HR are the fastest large area wafer-scale CMOS X-ray detectors available. Given their large field of view, highly sensitive active pixel sensor, low lag and high framerate, they are ideally suited to high-throughput inline electronics and battery inspection. Our vision at Spectrum Logic is to utilize our world leading CMOS sensor technology to develop high-performance, high-quality X-ray detectors for professional applications in industrial, medical and scientific markets.”

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