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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – 12th February

Summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

RX Solutions Unveils Advanced Compact X-Ray CT Scanner

RX Solutions, a rising authority in X-ray CT scanning, has announced the launch of the EasyTom-L, a major advancement in its EasyTom line of industrial computed tomography (CT) systems. This new CT scanner embodies the company’s ongoing commitment to technological excellence and offers superior performance … read more

Zygo Announces New Qualifire Laser Interferometer Launch

Zygo Corporation has announced the release of its newest laser interferometer, Qualifire and joins an extensive array of top-end interferometer solutions.  This instrument is designed to support and enable the most demanding metrology applications in industries such as semiconductor, lithography, space-borne imaging systems, cutting-edge consumer electronics, and defense … read more

New Scale Robotics Brings Automated Gauging to FANUC CRX Cobots

New Scale Robotics has announced a new partnership with FANUC Americas as an Authorized Systems Integrator (ASI). The new relationship expands the FANUC system’s capabilities by enabling the automation of manual gauging processes, helping manufacturers eliminate bottlenecks and improve productivity. By automating tedious manual gauging tasks, New Scale’s Q-Span systems improve … read more

The Increasing Role of Metrology Automation in Smart Manufacturing

Smart manufacturing, characterized by the integration of advanced technologies, data-driven decision-making, and automation, has been revolutionizing the industrial landscape. One critical component contributing to the efficiency and precision of smart manufacturing is metrology automation. Metrology plays a pivotal role in ensuring product quality, process control, and manufacturing excellence … read more

Differentiating Between Tactile and Optical Measurement Technology For Dimensional Inspection

Since the part quality requirements are always rising, the check of geometric dimensions including comprehensible documentation is essential in the manufacturing process nowadays. Before acquiring a new 3D measuring system, the fundamental question arises as to which technology is the most suitable … read more

BMW Transformation to E-Mobility Integrates Latest Metrology Automation Technology

A new era is dawning for BMW Group Plant Munich: from 2026, the iconic parent plant will produce the Neue Klasse sedan. Just one year later, the factory will manufacture nothing but all-electric models, making the Munich plant the first location in the BMW Group’s existing production network to have successfully completed … read more

Cupola360 Smart Factory Patrol Solution Revolutionizes Manufacturing

ASPEED Technology and its subsidiary Cupola360 Inc., leaders in 360-degree imaging solutions, have collaborated with Ingrasys, a subsidiary of Foxconn Technology Group, to implement the cutting-edge smart patrol solution at Ingrasys’s Taoyuan NanChing, Taiwan factory, enabling remote real-time immersive management … read more

3D Scanner Improves Hydro Turbine Inspection and Repair Efficiency

Since its construction, the Ecuadorian hydropower plant Central Coca Codo Sinclair has been looking for an efficient and cost-effective solution to streamline the inspection and repair of hydro turbine. Recently, they began experimenting with the SHINING 3D’s FreeScan Combo 3D scanner … read more

For Artificial Intelligence In Manufacturing – Start With Data

Artificial intelligence can monitor and improve production and quality control on factory floors. The key is focusing on data, not complex AI systems. The following article by Beth Stackpole was first published on the MIT Sloan website. Manufacturing has been notoriously slow to adopt new technologies, and artificial intelligence … read more

Inductive Rotary Encoder Incorporates Built-In Vibration Analysis

Featuring a built-in accelerometer, the recently announced  HEIDENHAIN ECI 123 Splus rotary encoder enables position measurement and vibration analysis in a single component. This added functionality simplifies condition monitoring and maintenance planning in high-wear automated systems … read more

Innovative Mobile Roughness Measurement System Offers Integrated Micro PC and Touch Screen Operation

The latest innovation from twip optical solutions is  a redesigned mobile roughness measurement system CONSIGNO MR. The simple operation via touch screen allows a measurement to be generated with little effort and just a few clicks. The user is guided through the software to setup the measurement process … read more

Onto Innovation’s 4Di InSpec Automated Metrology System Selected as Fanuc America’s 2024 Innovative System of the Year

Onto Innovation, and it’s Tucson subsidiary, 4D Technology, was announced as the winner of Fanuc America’s prestigious 2024 Innovative System of the Year award for their 4Di InSpec Automated Metrology System (AMS). The 2024 Innovative System of the Year Award highlights the innovative utilization of robotic automation and technology … read more

Next-Generation Handheld XRF Analyzers Combine Performance with Comfort

The next-generation Vanta handheld XRF analyzers—Vanta Max and Vanta Core—deliver improved elemental analysis and material identification using smart and cloud-connected technology. The updated portable XRF analyzers combine the exceptional accuracy, speed, and durability of the Vanta series with improved ergonomics, a refreshed interface, and enhanced connectivity for greater comfort … read more

Polyga Launches Compact S5 Macro 3D Sensor For Scanning Small Objects

Polyga has released the next-generation of its popular desktop 3D scanner. The Compact S5 Macro is an industry ready 3D scanner that enables engineers to digitize parts 1 to 5 centimeters in size at 5 micron accuracy. It generates high-resolution 3D scans in under a second, and comes in a rugged enclosure … read more