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Zygo Announces New Qualifire Laser Interferometer Launch

Zygo Corporation has announced the release of its newest laser interferometer, Qualifire and joins an extensive array of top-end interferometer solutions.  This instrument is designed to support and enable the most demanding metrology applications in industries such as semiconductor, lithography, space-borne imaging systems, cutting-edge consumer electronics, and defense. This interferometer packs significant enhancements and features into a small lighter-weight package without sacrificing performance.

Erin McDonnell, Product Manager, Laser Interferometers at Zygo says, “We are excited to introduce the Qualifire to market. Its improved ergonomics make it easy-to-use, and it is more portable than many of Zygo’s other laser interferometers. Measurements made with laser interferometers tend to be sensitive to noise, contaminants, and other artifacts because of the instrument’s ability to provide nanometer-level precision. An optional module available on the Qualifire, Flying Spot, actively reduces or even eliminates these artifacts, thus enhancing the reliability and repeatability of measurements. Flying Spot combines two of Zygo’s best artifact reduction technologies: Ring of Fire and Coherent Artifact Reduction. Flying Spot is particularly valuable in applications requiring high precision, including scientific research and advanced manufacturing processes.”

Qualifire brings these features and improvements to Zygo’s laser interferometer product line:

Smart Accessory Interface: The interferometer can recognize any “smart accessory” installed and automatically apply a system error file and perform lateral calibration.

Small, Lightweight Footprint: The smallest model of Qualifire weighs approximately 45 lbs (20.4 kgs). It is truly portable, especially for complex and delicate applications in which the interferometer must be moved or adjusted frequently.

Integrated Phase Measuring Receptacle (PMR): The PMR is necessary for modulating interference fringes between the test part and reference optic which ultimately creates a quantitative surface map. Its integral design provides overall mechanical stability and alignment, reduces the risk of damage or misalignment, ensures consistent performance, reducing the need for recalibration.

Improved User Experience: Conveniently accessible power button and kinematic mounting feet make setup easier to use. Large control knobs allow for more accurate adjustments—critical to both alignment and calibration. Integrated handles ensure safe and secure handling.

Easier Service: The sealed optical system and consolidated electronics makes swapping out various components straightforward without exposing the optics to contaminants.

Flying Spot: An optional module for artifact reduction that includes the autofocus feature.

Stable Zoom: An option providing a new zoom method which makes perfect image registration possible and diffraction limited image sampling at all magnifications.

Kurt Redlitz, DVP, Metrology Group says, “The Qualifire maintains Zygo’s high standards in metrology while delivering the highest level of precision and optimizing user experience. With improved ergonomics, it provides increased efficiency in operation and flexibility in deployment without sacrificing performance. Qualifire is a more robust, reliable, and user-friendly instrument, ready to handle the most demanding applications and environment—where precision is non-negotiable.”

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