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Onto Innovation’s 4Di InSpec Automated Metrology System Selected as Fanuc America’s 2024 Innovative System of the Year

Onto Innovation, and it’s Tucson subsidiary, 4D Technology, was announced as the winner of Fanuc America’s prestigious 2024 Innovative System of the Year award for their 4Di InSpec Automated Metrology System (AMS).

The 2024 Innovative System of the Year Award highlights the innovative utilization of robotic automation and technology. The 4Di InSpec AMS integrates the Fanuc CRX-10 10iA/L collaborative robot with Onto Innovation’s 4Di InSpec micro-geometry sensor to replace traditional manual inspection operation of aerospace rotors in production. In partnership with OptiPro Systems, the first system was delivered in 2023. The 4Di InSpec AMS improved measurement time for 400 measurements from multiple weeks down to 30 minutes at a leading aerospace engine manufacturer.

4Di InSpec provides automated, non-contact measurement of surface features and defects on aircraft and aerospace components

Scoring factors for the award included

➤ Intelligence – vision, laser, or force sensor technology

➤ System Flexibility – multiple product handling

➤ Market Advantage – opportunity for multiple installations

➤ End User Benefits – benefits for end user

➤ Overall Innovation – scoring on overall innovation

“We are honored to be recognized as a robotic automation innovator by an industry leader like Fanuc,” said Erik Novak, Vice President and General Manager of 4D Technology. “The combination of Fanuc robotics with 4Di non-contact sensor technologies provides a unique platform for improving throughput, labor utilization, quality and delivery times in industrial manufacturing.  We look forward to continuing to expand our automation metrology portfolio to help our customers solve some of the more complex industrial manufacturing challenges in the industry.“

Highlights of the 4Di InSpec AMS include:

➤ Non-contact, 3D measurement with micrometer-level resolution

➤ Patented vibration-immune technology enables measurement on the shop floor

➤ Purpose-built software flags out-of-spec measurements and automatically remeasures the locations

➤ Integration with Fanuc CRX 5iA or CRX10iA/L collaborative robots

➤ Ability to measure internal as well as external shaft features via fold mirrors and compact probe design.

➤ Optional rotary table for improved throughput

“The 4Di AMS is multi-sensor and modular easily expandable to other applications, including large, rotary applications, small form-factor applications such as turbine blades, and multi-sensor applications where 1 robot, with dual sensors, can measure surface roughness, surface features such as edge break, chamfer, curvature, and defect inspection” said Robert Wasilesky, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing at 4D Technology.

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