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Polyga Launches Compact S5 Macro 3D Sensor For Scanning Small Objects

Polyga has released the next-generation of its popular desktop 3D scanner. The Compact S5 Macro is an industry ready 3D scanner that enables engineers to digitize parts 1 to 5 centimeters in size at 5 micron accuracy. It generates high-resolution 3D scans in under a second, and comes in a rugged enclosure. The company states that the Compact S5 Macro sets a new industry standard in macro 3D scanning.

Powerful features are accessible through the software SDK which enables easy integration of the scanner into industrial automation or robotics systems. The included software, FlexScan3D is an industry-proven 3D application that enables the capturing and processing of scans for any application whether it is Reverse Engineering, 3D Printing, Medical, or Quality Inspection.

5-Micron Accuracy

The Compact S5 Macro improves upon the previous version on every metric. Duo 5MP Cameras and a powerful Multi-channel projector enable 2.5x the resolution and accuracy of the previous generation. Scanning accuracy is verified by NIST-calibrated artifacts and VDI/VDE 2634 part 3 standards.

Instant Scan + ColorScan Technology

The high scan speed enables users to quickly scan an entire object with the acpture 5 million points per scan in less than a second.

Polyga’s ColorScan Technology allows accurate and realistic colors using a monochrome camera. Users gain the benefits of increased accuracy and detail from monochrome cameras without losing color information.

Industry Ready With Flexible Integration

Industry ready features like External Trigger support for seamless integration into industrial automation and robotics. Locking connectors ensure secure connections and multi-point mounting enables secure attachments for industrial automation such as robotic arms, linear motion and production environments.

Take full scanner control using Polyga’s SBSDK enabling anyone to develop their own scanning app to control any Polyga 3D scanner using C/C++ or C#. Control multiple scanners from a single PC and easily integrate multiple scanners for an expanded field of view.

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