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Innovative Mobile Roughness Measurement System Offers Integrated Micro PC and Touch Screen Operation

The latest innovation from twip optical solutions is  a redesigned mobile roughness measurement system CONSIGNO MR. The simple operation via touch screen allows a measurement to be generated with little effort and just a few clicks. The user is guided through the software to setup the measurement process and an automated procedure is searching for the optimal measurement parameters.

Due to the compact design of the measuring system and the integrated battery supply, a roughness measurement can be carried out anywhere without having to bring the object to be measured to a measuring laboratory. The evaluation of the roughness measurement is obtained by the integrated micro-PC.

The integrated X-axis, which has a travel of 25 mm, also allows the measurement of larger roughness values in accordance with the ISO standard. With a stitching of several measurement fields the specified measurement length for the roughness profiles can be achieved easily.

With the 20 mm travel of the Z-axis, the CONSIGNO MR can also measure curved or tilted surfaces. After the measurement, the measured value is displayed and with a specified tolerance a fast estimation if the roughness value is still inside of the tolerance can be directly seen at the result screen. To archive the measurement a report is generated automatically and via the integrated USB slot it can be exctraced and saved.

In addition, the flexible measuring system offers individual adaptation to a wide range of measuring tasks. The stand (shown in the image) can be replaced by a customized adapter that is adapted to an individual task.

The latest design revision of the CONSIGNO MR. measurement system will be launch shortly and will be exhibited at the CONTROL exhibition in Stuttgart in April.

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