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Cupola360 Smart Factory Patrol Solution Revolutionizes Manufacturing

ASPEED Technology and its subsidiary Cupola360 Inc., leaders in 360-degree imaging solutions, have collaborated with Ingrasys, a subsidiary of Foxconn Technology Group, to implement the cutting-edge smart patrol solution at Ingrasys’s Taoyuan NanChing, Taiwan factory, enabling remote real-time immersive management. Recognized by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as the world’s first AI server Lighthouse Factory, this facility demonstrates a successful role model of Cupola360 technology and marks a major milestone in proving remote patrolling and operational excellences within the manufacturing industry by upleveling traditional CCTVs.

The smart patrol technologies utilize Cupola360 panoramic on-chip stitching technology to conduct immersive remote patrol with different 360-degree cameras to ensure extensive live coverage without blind spots for thorough monitoring. This feature empowers factory managers and their customers to conduct a comprehensive immersive tour without the need to travel and physically enter the production line. Enhanced with extensible third-party AI-powered analytics, the solution delivers real-time insights to identify anomalies and potential security threats, triggering immediate automated situation awareness for swift and effective responses by factory management.

“We are excited to witness the extensive adoption of the Cupola360 AI-friendly and smart patrol technologies at Ingrasys’s lighthouse factory, offering a novel value to Ingrasys’s world-wide customers. The technology not only minimizes the workforces and upgrades traditional SCADA to a new 3D LIVE vision solution but also actively reduces carbon footprints in alignment with ESG goals. We introduce a new full visual management technology for factory management. Ingrasys is a leading factory to apply and there are many different factories currently under deployment. We are thrilled to be recognized by the world-leading factories, setting a new standard for remote patrol and AI-based efficient management in the manufacturing industry.” stated CJ Hsieh, COO of ASPEED Technology.

“Through the integration of ASPEED’s Cupola360 immersive panoramic technologies and AI capabilities into a comprehensive hardware and software solution, we have successfully implemented smart patrols in critical areas. This approach has facilitated data-driven and transparent management and monitoring throughout our entire factory. We can now rapidly identify issues, address challenges, and enhance decision-making efficiency. It’s an honor to collaborate with innovative technology companies like ASPEED and Cupola360 to pioneer a new paradigm of digital twins in the manufacturing industry.” stated Dr. Iean Lin from AI Division at Ingrasys Technology.

The successful implementation of the Cupola360 immersive panoramic technologies has significantly elevated operational efficiency and sustainability at Ingrasys’s Lighthouse Factory, setting a pioneering precedent for the manufacturing industry embracing innovative immersive technology.

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