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March 2021 Metrology News Magazine

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As the first quarter of 2021 comes to a close companies are starting to obtain an understanding of how this year will manifest itself in terms of business and what, if any, adjustments become necessary to improve performance going forward. The manufacturing metrology sector was already facing significant changes, within its principle industrial sectors, with the ongoing transition to new energy sources in the automotive sector, transition to smaller and more fuel efficient aircraft in the aerospace sector, and reshoring initiatives within all manufacturing sectors. These sectors changes, compounded by the ongoing pandemic, and the continued cessation of physical events continue to challenge. There are however significant areas of positive growth in the market and the recent uptick in manufacturing technology orders being reported by trade associations is excellent news for the metrology sector in general.

Metrology News is completing another record month of readership, increasing by 83% compared with March 2020, and our Linkedin following has now passed 10,500.

Coordinate Measuring Machines were the editorial focus in March. The CMM continues as the #1 choice for automated dimensional inspection in manufacturing. The CMM structure remains relatively static, in terms of development and innovation, we are however seeing the CMM adapting to its new role in Smart Factories through the introduction of multi-sensor solutions allowing CMM use as a universal measuring platform. Just this month has seen the introduction of numerous new CMM sensor technologies further allowing the CMM to measure faster, in more detail and with increased versatility. We also reported on the introduction by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence of a relatively small volume CMM, aimed at the consumer electronics manufacturing sector, offering a precision down to just 0.28 micron.

Coordinate measuring technology has moved far away from its original roots of touch-trigger tactile probing with portable arm PCMM, optical robotic RCMM and computed tomography CT machines all expanding the wide-range of solutions available to support manufacturing quality. We reported on developments and applications involving all of these alternative CMM technologies and also reported the launch of a targetless photogrammetry CMM aimed at the inspection production parts near-line or in-line.

Over 100 articles have been published in March featuring the introduction of many new products, customer application stories and we continue to follow the role of artificial intelligence associated with machine vision as these technologies develop further and increase their role in managing manufacturing quality and process control.

We highlight below in this month’s magazine selected articles published over the month. The complete library of March articles can be accessed by clicking here.

As usual I welcome your comments, news and views along with suggested guest articles for publication – my inbox is always open.

Keith Mills – Publishing Editor

Would You Like Extra Capability with Your Measurement Today?

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) sensors continues to evolve allowing more complex part geometries and applications to be measured with increased accuracy. The CMM remains an integral tool in the inspection room of most manufacturing companies. In this article we look as some of the sensor developments that continue to expand CMM … read more

Do you need a Metrologist or an Instrument Operator?

The answer may seem obvious to some of the readers. However, from some industry players perspective, the distinction between a metrologist and an instrument operator (Laser tracker, CMM, 3D scanner, even conventional) can be hard to grasp. The International Vocabulary of Metrology defines the metrology as the ‘science of measurement and its application’  … read more

Non-Contact CMM Sensor Accelerates Delicate Parts Inspection

A new high speed, non-contact sensor for use with coordinate measurement machines (CMMs) from Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence addresses growing demand from the consumer electronics and medical industries to rapidly inspect delicate parts with a range of surface finishes, including those produced via additive manufacturing, without applying damaging pressure … read more

Surface Finish Measurement Smooths Part Inspection Logistics

Surface finish measurement has traditionally involved the use of hand‑held sensors or has required for the part to be moved onto a dedicated measuring machine. The Renishaw REVO multisensor system changes this by making surface finish inspection an integral part of the CMM measurement and enabling users to switch between … read more

Multisensor CMM Drives Dimensional Inspection of eDrive Housings

The increasingly integrated design of electric vehicle motors, power electronics and drivetrains is placing new demands on the quality inspection of eDrive housings. Many electric vehicle designs today integrate the electric motor, power electronics and drivetrain components within a single housing unit. This new kind of a combined electric axle drive, sometimes … read more

Portable Measurement Arm Inspects Large Volume

RPS Metrology R-EVO TITANIUM portable arm CMM offers a measurement volume of up to 9.0m diameter providing manufacturers the opportunity to easily inspect large parts, directly on the manufacturing floor. The R-EVO TITANIUM portable arm CMM improves quality, while saving part transportation costs, and delayed rectification of out-of-tolerance parts … read more

Wireless Laser Scanner Performs CNC Machine Part Inspections

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has launched a wireless multi-sensor laser scanner with metrology levels of precision, designed specifically to work inside CNC machine tools. The m&h LS-R-4.8 can capture around 40,000 measurement points a second. compared to the status quo of taking individual points with traditional touch probes, and securely transmits the … read more

Targetless Photogrammetry Automates Production Measurement

Manufacturer of automated industrial photogrammetric solutions, XTURA, has recently introduced its GigaScan targetless photogrammetry solutions for 3D surface metrology and individual part feature inspections. XTURA has developed its technology with the intent to create highly flexible 3D scanning technology based on photogrammetry, not only offering improved accuracy when compared … read more

Creaform Releases HandySCAN 3D | SILVER Line-Up

Creaform has announced the latest addition to its HandySCAN 3D line-up offer, the SILVER series. With more than 5000 users already, this proven, trusted and patented technology is the industry standard in portable metrology-grade 3D scanners. It will now be available at an accessible price for professionals looking to grow … read more

Gold Standard Sub-Micron CMM Quadruples Inspection Throughput for Delicate Electronics

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has launched a new coordinate measuring machine (CMM) that overcomes challenges common to the measurement of delicate components, such as smartphone camera lens assemblies, to help manufacturers perform quality inspections up to four to six times faster than conventional methods with uncompromising sub-micron accuracy … read more

Brilliant Performance on Reflective Materials

Are you looking for a reliable method of measuring critical and highly critical workpieces? Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik claims to have the perfect solution for you. The Schneider’s chromatic white-light sensor assists users to accomplish the most sensitive of inspection tasks with ease, such as measuring the thickness of glass … read more

Driving-Up CMM Measuring Lab Efficiency With Motorized Fixture Plates

The ZEISS, remote controlled, self-propelled CARFIT eMOBEE honeycomb fixture plate efficiently transport components providing sustainable support for the CMM loading processes in the measuring lab. The increase in parts variety, along with companies’ intensive efforts to inspect components at an even faster rate, means that measuring areas must be properly … read more

HD Dynamic Profiler Automates Surface Roughness Measurements

The NanoCam HD surface roughness profiler from 4D Technology utilizes Dynamic Interferometry, with a high-speed optical sensor that measures thousands of times faster than traditional profilers. Because acquisition time is so short, the NanoCam HD can measure despite vibration, making it possible to mount the instrument on a gantry … read more

CT Machine Introduces Innovative Features Doubling Productivity and Enhancing Inspection

Nikon Corporation  has announced the release of the 225kV XT H 225 ST 2x microfocus X-ray CT (Computed Tomography) system. With the increase in electronic and semiconductor parts mounted on products for the automobile industry as well as the spread of 3D printers, the number of products molded by various methods … read more

Mastering Mobility With 3D Metrology

Van Raam, a manufacturer of special needs bicycles based in Varsseveld, the Netherlands, supports disabled people to be independent in their mobility. Their products are build-to-order according to the individual requirements of the future owner. This means lots of tailor-made parts in terms of shapes and dimensions … read more

Optimization of Production by Combined Metrology

SchmitterGroup GmbH manufactures innovative components for the latest generation engines and chassis. Based in Thüngen in southern Germany, the company’s high-quality products and rapid execution of new projects make it a trusted name for customers. The combinable measuring technology of ZEISS plays a key role in this, which has enabled … read more

Laser Tracker Verifies Lithium Battery Manufacturing Process

Since the invention of commercial lithium batteries, the technology has been applied to many fields of manufacturing, and they have rapidly developed, marking a milestone role in the progress of global human science and technology. Compared with normal batteries, lithium batteries have higher energy storage density, longer service life higher … read more

‘Amazon Lookout for Vision’ Detects Defects in Products and Production Processes

Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an company has announced the general availability of Amazon Lookout for Vision, a new service that analyzes images using computer vision and sophisticated machine learning capabilities to spot product or process defects and anomalies in manufactured products. By employing a machine learning technique called ‘few-shot … read more

Investigation Announced Into Potential Sale of Renishaw

Renishaw has announced that Sir David McMurtry and John Deer, Executive Chairman and Non-Executive Deputy Chairman, respectively (together, the “Founders”) have indicated to the Board their intention to sell their very substantial shareholdings in Renishaw. Together, the Founders (and certain persons connected with them) own approximately 53% of the issued … read more

Freedom to Measure Automotive Sheet Metal Tooling

With some 2400 employees, Volvo Car Body Components (VCBC) in Olofström, Sweden, is an automotive production plant that produces millions of car body parts every year. From hoods and roofs to doors and subassemblies, the facility is dedicated to pressing sheet metal into vital car components that are shipped whole … read more

Harvesting 3D Scan Data for Dimensional Inspection

In the agri-food sector, the range of treats has been growing for a long time: sweet snacks, chocolate spreads and pastries are becoming more popular all over the world. To produce these delicacies, different kinds of shell nuts are necessary, such as walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and macadamia nuts … read more

Quality Assured AM Process Goes Zero to 1200

Additive Manufacturing (AM) offers enormous potential for optimized and new components alike. At Porsche, 3D printing technology is already being employed in several areas.  And now, a joint project from Porsche, Mahle and Trumpf, in cooperation with ZEISS, has successfully 3D-printed highly stressed drive components for the first time … read more

7 Axis Cobot Provides Dexterity to See Around Corners

Danish company Kassow Robots recently expanded its product portfolio with the addition of the KR1018 cobot, which weighs just 34 kilogrammes, yet can handle payloads of up to 18 kilogrammes. The 7-axis cobot offers an application reach of up to 1000 mm. First introduced to the market in 2018 Kassow … read more

Wireless Wand Generates Fast Code-Free Robot Programming

German robotics start-up Wandelbots has developed a robot programming device that could transform current industrial practices. The Wandelbots platform is a revolutionary tool that makes it possible to train, reprogram and provide data for any robot in the shortest possible time. The interaction of robot, intuitive app and teaching device … read more

First AI-Powered Industrial Cameras for Industry 4.0

Neurala has announced a collaboration with FLIR Systems Inc. to deliver a full software and hardware stack AI-based industrial imaging solution. Neurala’s vision AI software unlocks the power of deep learning with no-AI-expertise-required, and now supports the creation of neural networks that can be deployed directly onto FLIR Firefly DL cameras  … read more

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