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Portable Measurement Arm Inspects Large Volume

RPS Metrology R-EVO TITANIUM portable arm CMM offers a measurement volume of up to 9.0m diameter providing manufacturers the opportunity to easily inspect large parts, directly on the manufacturing floor. The R-EVO TITANIUM portable arm CMM improves quality, while saving part transportation costs, and delayed rectification of out-of-tolerance parts. The R-EVO TITANIUM allows users to access parts where other conventional measurement measuring equipment struggle with limited part access.

As the name suggests the TITANIUM series arm uses titanium as its main material for the both arm and axis joints making the structure rigid and precise, even at maximum arm extension. A special mathematical model is applied to the arm providing the optimum correction of calibration errors over such large measuring distances.

R-EVO arms are available in lengths of5.0m up to 9.0m measuring range making them suitable across all industrial sectors where the control of large parts is required, directly on site, and without need for a special operating environment.

R-EVO TITANIUM arm is equipped standard with a contact probe for the inspection, digitization or reverse-engineering of parts and assemblies and certified according to ISO10360-12: 2016 standards. Systems incorporate automatic temperature compensation for both arm and part allowing the arm to be used in the worst environmental conditions exhibiting high humidity, large temperature ranges and contamination.

A quick coupling allows the TITANIUM arm to be used using a rigid heavy support tripod or with a wheeled mobile support to comfortable reach the extended work area.

A laser line scanner can be added to the 7-axis R-EVO TITANIUM arm variant generating excellent scanning results with high resolution and low noise. The blue light laser enables precise and fast scans for 3D part inspection or reverse engineering applications.

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