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4D Technology Focus Delivering Dynamic Metrology to Smart Factories

4D Technology Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Onto Innovation Inc. has announced that Erik Novak, Ph.D., has been appointed as its General manager. Dr. Novak succeeds James Millerd, Ph.D., co-founder and past CTO and president of 4D Technology, who is retiring after eighteen years with 4D.

Dr. Novak served as the director of business development of 4D Technology for the past eight years. He brings decades of expertise in engineering, product innovation, team building and industry insight from senior roles at some of the world’s leading optical metrology companies..

4D Technology is a global leader in dynamic interferometry, offering break-through products for optical manufacturers and industrial part measurement. 4D Technology products allow surface quality and defect inspection measurements to be performed in dynamic situations. Traditional 3D measurement cannot produce reliable measurement data where vibrations are present, inducing significant errors into the measurement process. Time is defined by 4D Technology as the 4th dimension in metrology providing the ability to measure using dynamic interferometry allowing the introduction of 4D to accurately achieve ‘metrology at the part’.

On Dr. Novak’s appointment, Dr. Millerd remarked, “Erik is a recognized expert in optical metrology and since joining 4D has made a significant positive impact, propelling our market strategy and product innovation in new directions. I fully endorse his appointment as general manager and am confident he will continue 4D’s history of employee engagement, collaboration with business partners, and technical leadership in optical metrology.”

“Industry 4.0 necessitates inline and near-line measurements to control directly, through adaptive control, the manufacturing process. 4D is a prerequisite technology in applying optical metrology to manufacturing processes without mandating both a stationary and vibration free measuring environment” commented Dr. Novak. “These are exiting times for 4D Technology as we leverage our core technologies to serve industrial applications in ‘Smart Factories of the Future’ delivering both standard products and also integrated fully automated metrology systems.”

Onto Innovation is a leader in process control, combining global scale with an expanded portfolio of leading-edge technologies that include: un-patterned wafer quality; 3D metrology that spans chip features from nanometer scale transistors to large die interconnects; macro defect inspection of wafers and packages; metal interconnect composition; factory analytics; and lithography for advanced semiconductor packaging.

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