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June 2023 Metrology News Magazine

Editors Message:

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing landscape, ensuring product quality is a paramount concern for industries worldwide. From automotive components to consumer electronics, maintaining rigorous quality control standards is essential to uphold customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and competitive advantage. As technology evolves, the integration of artificial intelligence into manufacturing processes is emerging as a game-changer, revolutionizing the way quality control is approached.

AI-powered systems are transforming traditional quality control practices, enabling manufacturers to achieve unprecedented levels of precision, efficiency, and reliability. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, computer vision, and predictive analytics, AI is bolstering the industry’s ability to identify defects, enhance inspection processes, and optimize production operations. The marriage of AI and manufacturing quality control heralds a new era of heightened accuracy and streamlined processes, benefiting both manufacturers and consumers alike.

One of the most notable contributions of AI to quality control lies in its ability to automate inspection tasks. Traditional visual inspection methods, reliant on human operators, are susceptible to fatigue, subjectivity, and inconsistencies. By employing AI-powered machine vision systems, manufacturers can analyze vast volumes of visual data with unrivaled speed and accuracy. AI algorithms detect minute defects, variations, or anomalies in real-time, significantly improving defect detection rates while reducing false positives. As a result, production lines become more efficient, and defective products are swiftly identified and remedied before reaching the hands of consumers.

AI’s potential in quality control lies in its capacity to facilitate continuous improvement. By analyzing vast quantities of historical data, AI algorithms can identify trends, root causes of defects, and opportunities for process optimization. Manufacturers can uncover valuable insights into their production systems, enabling them to refine processes, reduce waste, and enhance overall quality. This iterative approach, driven by AI-driven analytics, enables manufacturers to achieve a cycle of ongoing improvement, fostering innovation and growth.

We are living at the beginning of the next industrial revolution. These are for sure interesting times for manufacturing and quality engineers understanding and managing the implementation of AI based quality control solutions into their manufacturing environments.

This month was busy with numerous new product introductions across all product categories as companies continue to advance their technogies with smarter, faster and more advanced equipment solutions; many of these are featured in this month’s newsletter.

Editorial focussed articles this month included “Complete Guide To Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning For Machine Vision Systems”; “Industrial Cameras Deliver the Data for Automated Visual Inspection”; “AI and Optical Measurement Technology Detects, Classifies and Visualizes Defects”; “AI Driven Automatic Surface Defects Detection and Repair with Reactive Robots”; and “Role of Portable Inspection Systems in Smart Manufacturing”. The complete library of June articles can be accessed by clicking here.

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Keith Mills – Publishing Editor

Powerful ‘All-In’ CT Solution For Efficient Quality Inspections

The new ZEISS VoluMax 9 titan is compact design and powerful technology combined. The system comes with 450 kV, thus enabling reliable and consistent detection of defects in both large, high-density parts and complex multi-material assemblies with a size of up to 590 x 700 mm. Dense parts are inspected at high resolution courtesy of 1,500 W and a 3k-detector … read more

Role of Portable Inspection Systems in Smart Manufacturing

With all the talk of automation and the integration of measurement processes directly into production operations in this article we look at the role that manual portable inspection solutions can still play in smart manufacturing. Although they may not offer the same level of automation and connectivity as their digital counterparts and while smart manufacturing emphasizes automation … read more

Next Generation Mantis Optical Stereo Microscope

Vision Engineering, a world-leading provider of innovative inspection, metrology, and digital 3D visualisation solutions, has announced the launch of Mantis 3rd Gen, the latest addition to its best-selling and award-winning range of ergonomic optical stereo microscopes. Mantis is in use in tens of thousands of R&D, manufacturing and analytical sites around the world … read more

World’s Smallest Wireless Probe For Machine Tools

Renishaw will showcase its latest radio transmission probing system at EMO Hannover, Germany (18th – 23rd September 2023). The RMP24-micro is the smallest wireless machine tool probe on the market, measuring just 24 mm in diameter and 31.4 mm in length. As well as its miniature size, the RMP24-micro delivers market-leading metrology performance for a wireless probe … read more

Automated 3D Scanning Cell Delivers Rapid CMM Inspections

Conmed Labmet, based in Mexico, is a leading company specializing in the integration of advanced dimensional measurement and 3D scanning technologies. Through collaborations with renowned international metrology and automation brands, the company has established itself as a trusted partner in the industry and is dedicated to designing and integrating cutting-edge measurement … read more

New CMM Family Offers Maximum Precision and Efficiency

In the field of precision measurement, the coordinate measuring machines of the ZEISS PRISMO family have been leading the way for over 30 years. The new generation now redefines the standards in terms of speed, flexibility, sustainability and productivity: The devices deliver maximum accuracy at the highest measuring speed and reduce the user’s carbon footprint … read more

Role of Unique Gauging System in Innovative Manufacturing

In its 50th anniversary year, Renishaw, a world-leading manufacturer of metrology systems, demonstrates how applying its innovative Equator gauging technology helps to optimise manufacturing, enabling more sustainable processes in the design and production of parts. The Equator gauging system, with its the unique design and method of operation, has made it the gauge of choice … read more

Verisurf Software Adds Surface Finish Probing Solution

Verisurf Software has announced a surface finish probing and reporting solution for CNC CMMs equipped with Renishaw Surface Finish Probe (REVO SFP2). The surface finish probing feature is included in the soon-to-be-released Verisurf 2024. Using direct output from the Renishaw REVO SFP2 probe, Verisurf CMM programming can include defined surface finish/roughness evaluation from … read more

Complete Guide To Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning For Machine Vision Systems

Artificial intelligence (AI) for machine vision systems is now a readily available technology. This is an area with much hype due to the introduction of AI language models such as ChatGPT and AI image models like DALLE. For vision systems, the mass use of AI is starting to take hold, but what’s it all about? And is it viable and where are we at?  … read more

AI and Optical Measurement Technology Detects, Classifies and Visualizes Defects

Improved speed, precision and flexibility — it is important to take advantage of every possible opportunity in optimizing production. To this end, researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology IWS have developed SURFinpro, a solution that uses artificial intelligence and optical measurement technology to detect, classify and visualize defects in real time … read more

3D Camera Provides Reliable High-Speed Piece-Picking

The Zivid 2+ camera captures true-to-reality point clouds and images at high speed on transparent plastic, highly polished cylinders and the darkest reflective parts. The Zivid 2+ product is a structured-light 3D camera meticulously designed for the most demanding machine vision applications. Crafted specifically for industrial environments, the Zivid 2+ delivers state-of-the-art performance … read more

Work Inspection Smart Camera Launched by RICOH

RICOH Industrial Solutions has announced the RICOH SC-20, a work inspection camera utilizing image recognition technology to enable real-time confirmation of proper manual work process performance. Smart Camera Capable of Preventing Work Errors by Automatically Checking Status of Manufacturing Operations The RICOH SC-20, the successor model to the RICOH SC-10A … read more

Photoneo 3D Meshing Allows Fully Automated ‘On The Fly’ 3D Model Creation

Photoneo, a leading provider of machine vision and smart automation solutions, has introduces a software solution that extends the possibilities of automated 3D model creation and reveals new application areas that can be automated. The versatile software suite consists of two different libraries and graphical user interfaces so customers can use it for all kinds of applications … read more

Meeting Challenges of Motion Control in Nano Metrology Applications

The demand for nanometer-capable stages is increasing exponentially as the trend to achieve greater precision and control in metrology and nano-metrology applications continues. With the advent of cutting-edge sensor technologies, measurement capabilities have become increasingly sensitive, enabling the detection and characterization of minute features and deviations … read more

Digital Surf Unveils Mountains 10 – Most Comprehensive Version To Date

Digital Surf has announced the release of its tenth major version of the company’s Mountains software analysis platform for surface metrology & microscopy. Mountains software is trusted by over fifty leading instrument manufacturers and over 22,000 users. Mountains version 10 highlights include: MountainsImage providing a toolkit for pre-processing and analyzing image data … read more

Latest Sigmetrix CETOL 6σ 3D Tolerance Analysis Software Available

Sigmetrix, experts in mechanical variation management, have announced their latest version of CETOL 6σ tolerance analysis software. Tolerance analysis benefits businesses in many ways. It helps improve profitability by balancing quality with manufacturing cost. Companies can also realize faster time to market by reducing the need for additional design and prototype cycles … read more

How To Improve, Optimize, and Accelerate First Article Inspection

First article inspection (FAI) is a crucial step in the manufacturing process. The quality control (QC) team needs to optimize this phase of inspection in order to limit the back and forth between conception and fabrication. The QC team must not only correctly identify the defects, but also provide relevant measurements, and results for solving the identified problems … read more

Smart Manufacturing Data Platform Showcases Smart Factory Automation

Renishaw, will demonstrate its new smart manufacturing data platform, Renishaw Central, at EMO Hannover 2023. Renishaw Central is a data-driven solution designed to transform the productivity, capability, and efficiency of manufacturing operations. Bringing the power of connectivity to the machine shop floor, the system collects accurate, actionable data on machines, parts and … read more

New Solution Evaluates Warpage Without Tactile Clamping

Fixturing or clamping devices are necessary to assure absolute quality when inspecting parts in a warped state. This method has long been the traditional technique but can be costly and challenging to implement. Mechanical clamping fixtures are used to place parts in a physically constrained position for measurement. Fixtures can cause unreliable or inconsistent results … read more 

3D LiDAR Scanner Designed for Digitization of Large Objects Launched

Artec 3D has announced the Artec Ray II, a high-precision 3D LiDAR scanner designed for the digitization of large objects and spaces with unprecedented speed and accuracy. This groundbreaking scanner has been developed in collaboration with Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, combining the expertise and innovation of both industry-leading companies … read more

Industrial Cameras Deliver the Data for Automated Visual Inspection

Automotive manufacturers know that even the slightest error can be a costly mistake. Poor quality management can trigger recalls and tarnish brand reputation. That’s why the industry is focused on a zero defects objective. It’s not just a catchy phrase, it’s a mission to ensure that every single product meets the highest standards of quality, traceability, and transparency … read more 

AI Driven Automatic Surface Defects Detection and Repair with Reactive Robots

As a pioneer in surfaces repair of car bodies, Convergent-IT (CIT) will exhibit its 5th generation of paint repair at Automatica 2023. AUTOMAPPPS software has been proven for years in the repair of defects in paint, e-coat and other surfaces. Defects are automatically detected on any car body or component with cameras and then fully automatically planned for autonomous repair by robots … read more

Hexagon Collaborates With NVIDIA To Transform Industrial Digital Twin Solution

Hexagon AB has announced a collaboration with NVIDIA to enable industrial digital twin solutions that unite reality capture, manufacturing twins, AI, simulation and visualisation to deliver real-time comparison to real-world models. The collaboration will connect industry-leading technologies from Hexagon and NVIDIA to enable seamless, multi-user workflows through a unified view … read more

Microlocation Technology Enables Precise Control of Robotic Assembly Systems

At the Automate expo in Detroit Humatics demonstrated its ‘In-Motion’ robotic control which introduces a new level of automation capabilities to the industrial manufacturing market. Humatics radio frequency Microlocation technology enables the use of robotic systems in automotive moving assembly lines to deliver mission-critical automation enhancing productivity, quality and profitability … read more


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