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Powerful ‘All-In’ CT Solution For Efficient Quality Inspections

The new ZEISS VoluMax 9 titan is compact design and powerful technology combined. The system comes with 450 kV, thus enabling reliable and consistent detection of defects in both large, high-density parts and complex multi-material assemblies with a size of up to 590 x 700 mm. Dense parts are inspected at high resolution courtesy of 1,500 W and a 3k-detector. Therefore, ZEISS VoluMax 9 titan is suited for a broad range of applications that put all sorts of demands on efficiency and quality. Among the most common applications are battery modules and stators as well as turbine blades or electronic parts.

Volume Inspect – Comprehensive Workflow With a Single Software

The connection of the new ZEISS VoluMax 9 titan to the ZEISS Quality Suite is one of the major advantages of the system. All steps in the inspection of parts – from operating the CT to inspecting high-resolution 3D volume data sets to creating and sharing the final report – can be performed with the Volume Inspect software solution. Next to maximum ease of use, the software integration offers access to various add-ons. For example, scanning processes can be optimized even further with ZEISS Automated Defect Detection (ZADD), an optional software solution for the AI-based, automated detection of defects.

ZEISS VoluMax 9 titan – Compact Design and High Performance Combined

ZEISS VoluMax 9 titan is extremely compact with its small installation area of no more than 750 x 2,350 x 1,750 mm. Thus, the CT is ideally suited for installation in every quality laboratory or in close proximity to the production line. Moreover, the integrated control panel and the improved axis system for easy loading ensure a high degree of flexibility and efficient operation in the smallest of spaces. The combination of solid design and various hard- and software services made by ZEISS guarantees a long life cycle and a low maintenance level.

ZEISS VoluMax 9 titan key features include:

– Reliable high-resolution detection of defects in multi-material parts

– Increased usability due to all-in software solution for the entire workflow

– Compact and solid design that ensures durability and low maintenance

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