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SmartRay Unveils New Korean Branch Office

SmartRay GmbH, manufacturer of cutting-edge 3D sensors for demanding, high-precision automated inspection, has unveiled a new office in South Korea responding to market demands.

Over the past few years, demand in the semiconductor and electric vehicle industries has soared, particularly in South Korea, leading to a surge in demand for 3D sensor products for challenging inspection applications like the inspection and measurement of chips, electronic parts, displays and batteries.

SmartRay has been supplying products to the Korean market through partnerships with system integrators, and to further strengthen this important sales channel has opened a branch office in Seoul.

Leading the new office is Sales Manager Sungryul Hong. He joins SmartRay from Panasonic Industrial Devices where he worked in sales and marketing, catering to customers such as Samsung, LG and SK in Korea.

“It is my pleasure to introduce our innovative 3D technology to Korean customers,” Mr Hong said. “Establishing a branch in Korea will help us stay closer to our customers, and I am confident that more will benefit from our best price-performance 3D sensors in all kinds of manufacturing sectors.”

South Korea is a leading manufacturing country in the electronics sector, including smartphones, semiconductors and batteries. As a result, extremely high-quality standards are demanded and any changes to technological changes and trends are followed keenly. Such methods are mirrored in SmartRay’s approach to their unique 3D sensor solutions, allowing them to integrate smoothly into the Korean market.

SmartRay specialises in 3D sensors* for measuring tasks, quality inspection, and robot guidance. Through this 3D Laser Triangulation technology, manufacturing companies can improve their product quality, optimise their automation processes, and reduce production costs. Due to its 100% focus on 3D technology, SmartRay has built up a comprehensive portfolio which quickly and reliably solves a wide range of 3D applications.

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