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Work Inspection Smart Camera Launched by RICOH

RICOH Industrial Solutions has announced the RICOH SC-20, a work inspection camera utilizing image recognition technology to enable real-time confirmation of proper manual work process performance.

Smart Camera Capable of Preventing Work Errors by Automatically Checking Status of Manufacturing Operations

The RICOH SC-20, the successor model to the RICOH SC-10A, is a smart camera capable of preventing work errors by automatically checking the status of manufacturing operations to assemble parts and other components through the use of image recognition technology. It is as easy to use as its predecessor model and does not require a PC to save space and secure capture area. Sensor resolution has been increased from around 1 megapixel up to approx. 8 megapixels to enable more precise judgment such as missing parts and assembly errors, and functions available as fee-based options have been added, including the ability to ensure traceability by viewing work log data using the camera alone, as well as barcode scanning and optical character recognition (OCR) as an optional function. The camera’s interchangeable lenses also improve applicability in workplaces by ensuring compatibility with a broader range of shooting distance and workpiece sizes.

This enables previously difficult inspections, such as checking for small parts and the direction of mounting/attachment, as well as for the presence of non-woven fabrics and sponges through texture matching evaluations. As an example, the camera can also check areas where visual inspection would otherwise be limited, such as manual assembly processes in cell production systems for automobile parts, electrical and electronic equipment, and precision equipment, and this increase in inspection range is expected to improve work quality. The camera can also reduce the number of defects due to missing parts and assembly errors that occur in manual processes and can even eliminate the need to conduct visual inspections after such processes.

Ricoh Group will continue to support customers improve the way they work by transforming workplaces through its digital devices and services.

Main features of the RICOH SC-20

8 megapixel high-resolution image inspection both during and after work processes

Work instructions can be taken in the camera, and work is checked in real time to ensure that the displayed instructions have been performed according to the proper procedures. If a procedure is not performed correctly, then the next work instruction will not be displayed, enabling reliable work.

Image inspection enables the results of work to be inspected in batches, and the number of checkpoints has been greatly increased from the conventional maximum of 9 to a total of 20.

Capable of performing shape, color, and texture matching evaluations. Equipped with an approx. 8 megapixel CMOS color sensor (1/1.8 inch). Image quality is far better than conventional models, providing enhanced judgment precision. This also enables judgement of small parts and finer operations.

Interchangeable C-mount lenses provide compatibility with various shooting distances and workpiece sizes. These enable use at various workplaces that were previously inapplicable.

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