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AI Driven Automatic Surface Defects Detection and Repair with Reactive Robots

As a pioneer in surfaces repair of car bodies, Convergent-IT (CIT) will exhibit its 5th generation of paint repair at Automatica 2023. AUTOMAPPPS software has been proven for years in the repair of defects in paint, e-coat and other surfaces. Defects are automatically detected on any car body or component with cameras and then fully automatically planned for autonomous repair by robots with compliant tools. Leading equipment manufacturers and tool makers license the automatic planning software, as the invisible yet integral part or core of the reactive robot cells they integrate and deploy internationally. CIT also brings in more than a decade of its own experience in automated inspection, pre-treatment and repair of surface defects with robots to this team – learning from and with the equipment builders, car manufacturers and toolmakers with each new installation. Various sensors, tools and robot manufacturers are supported by the software.

This wealth of experience from all the robot cells in use with dozens of licensed robots and cobots in the repair of plastic components as well as entire car bodies has been incorporated into the next, 5th generation of the software, which will be presented in Munich from June 26-30.

For this purpose, the reactive, fully automatic planning of surface repairs has been radically improved to meet key requirements even better according to customer requirements and practical experience. In the future, robots will be able to repair the surface even more completely, such as on even more complex edges and special spots. The defects processed per time will be increased by machine learning and new planning methods.  Machine learning methods used for the first time in this environment allow the robots to repair car bodies or components with superior result quality. Simplified feedback allows the AUTOMAPPPS software to learn faster and more robustly to better repair the defects and improve its own performance.

The experience-driven enhancements of the associated software environment for the design, simulation and optimization of cells and processes aims to make the entire application even faster, simpler, cheaper and safer to put into operation than was previously possible. The environment can be operated by Convergent-IT, the system integrator and especially by the employees of the vehicle manufacturers. New car-types or components can be integrated and optimized more easily and quickly by the operator. Adaptations to paints, media and tools become faster. All innovations of the 5th generation improve the ROI and accelerate the ramp-up.

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