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Microlocation Technology Enables Precise Control of Robotic Assembly Systems

At the Automate expo in Detroit Humatics demonstrated its ‘In-Motion’ robotic control which introduces a new level of automation capabilities to the industrial manufacturing market. Humatics radio frequency Microlocation technology enables the use of robotic systems in automotive moving assembly lines to deliver mission-critical automation enhancing productivity, quality and profitability.

Precise Dynamic Motion Control For Robotic Systems

Microlocation can allow two independent robotic systems to work concurrently on an assembly as it traverses an assembly station.  The robotic arms are guided with sub-millimeter precision to achieve real-time fine grain control to facilitate in-motion assembly tasks. Radio frequency works well in less than ideal conditions like the industrial manufacturing environments with varying light conditions.

Humatics microlocation transponders fitted to engine during moving line robotic assembly

Humatics Microlocation generates highly valuable data through the use of its patented radio frequency technology. The Humatics base station is located within the assembly station and transponders are positioned in relation to the target work product. The location data is made available via a real-time stream to the robotic control systems facilitating the precise control required to control the respective robot arms. In many instances a single Humatics system can concurrently provide location data to multiple robotic assets in a single station facilitating the target automation motion.

Microlocation offers unprecedented real-time precise location data that can be used to increase assembly productivity, improve operational efficiency and profitability of assembly systems that leverage robotics and assembly tooling, The system also enables collaboration between disparate robotic platforms and operators.

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