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New CMM Family Offers Maximum Precision and Efficiency

In the field of precision measurement, the coordinate measuring machines of the ZEISS PRISMO family have been leading the way for over 30 years. The new generation now redefines the standards in terms of speed, flexibility, sustainability and productivity: The devices deliver maximum accuracy at the highest measuring speed and reduce the user’s carbon footprint.

ZEISS PRISMO is one of the most accurate coordinate measuring machines on the market. The devices in this family are always used when tolerances of a few micrometers or less are specified for components. But precision is only one side of the coin. The devices of the ZEISS PRISMO family allow the highest measurement speeds, also due to the new definition of the scanning parameters. They thus combine safety and performance. As proof of these high-quality standards, the ZEISS PRISMO is the only CMM model to carry the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) association certificate.

In the further development of the device family, ZEISS is consistently focusing on increasing efficiency without sacrificing measurement accuracy. A decisive way to improve measurement speed is to change the way processes are carried out. Besides that, new features enhance safety for users by reducing the measuring speed when approaching the machine.

Reliable and Fast

All four members of the ZEISS PRISMO family meet individual measurement requirements reliably and quickly. They are suitable for use both in the controlled environment of a quality laboratory and in the harsh environment of a production line. All devices can also be combined with the new ZEISS VAST Rotary Table Axis option. An option that allows the axis of the rotary table to be defined almost 75 percent faster.

The new tailstock from ZEISS makes it possible to clamp shaft-like measurement objects between centers. Gear shafts, worm shafts, crankshafts, camshafts, and rotors can be clamped without deformation and measured in the best possible way. Due to this ideal accessibility, complete measurements can be realized in a single clamping position. The tailstock shows its strengths through an interchangeable interface that enables swift setup of the tailstock in the measuring volume if required.

Higher efficiency is also offered by the new ZEISS CMM Acceleration Mode for Aerospace Applications high-performance package, that handles the measurement of turbine blades and blisks in the aerospace industry, for example. These new options enable repeatable measurements with a reproducibility of less than 10 percent of the permissible tolerances and thus meet the industry-specific requirements for the reliability of measuring devices. In addition, measurement times for turbine blades and blisks are reduced by up to 70 percent.

New Functions Offer More Ergonomics, Comfort and Sustainability

Sustainability, energy efficiency, noise reduction, ergonomic operation – thanks to numerous new functions, the ZEISS PRISMO family also meets the highest demands in this area.

The ZEISS PowerSaver feature automatically disconnects ZEISS PRISMO from the power supply after a preset time and sets the control to standby. This reduces the power consumption of the devices to zero during standby. Another big plus in terms of reducing resource consumption is the ZEISS AirSaver feature. This switches off the compressed air after a predefined time, thus also saving valuable energy. And the new ZEISS C99m control unit also reduces power consumption – in a normal test cycle, this is reduced by up to 68 percent.

The new devices in the product family also feature improved handling. For example, the new control panel holder now offers users a more flexible storage option. And the new design of the front cover makes it easier to manually load the coordinate measuring machines with heavy parts, as it reduces the distance between the user and the measuring area. In addition, safety laser scanners allow complete all-round monitoring of the system and automatically reduce speed in the event of danger.

The ZEISS PRISMO product family consists of ZEISS PRISMO, ZEISS PRISMO fortis, ZEISS PRISMO verity and ZEISS PRISMO ultra.

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