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Driven by Innovation – Enabled by Quality

ZEISS and Williams Racing are proud to work in partnership in a multi-year association with ZEISS being an Official Supplier of the team. The partnership sees ZEISS provide a range of equipment benefiting departments throughout the business including Wind Tunnel, Quality & Inspection and Prototype & Test.

The installation of a new ZEISS METROTOM 1500 industrial computed tomography system at the team’s campus in Grove UK will expand the team’s in-house capabilities and deliver greater insights into the quality and integrity of components, ensuring a precise, accurate and robust quality control process.

“Before we had ZEISS METROTOM there were features on components that we physically could not measure having this is a real Game Changer for us” comments Matthew Parker Inspection Manger, Williams Racing.

The installed Zeiss ZEISS METROTOM 1500 Advanced CT technology provides for fast scans of parts and contributes to reducing the risk of stoppages on track, improved collaboration of design, manufacturing, QA teams and suppliers and shortened lead time of produced parts.

“Support from ZEISS has been really beneficial. They are on call at all times, ensuring that we are fully optimizing our equipment” states Clare Sibley Head of Quality and Manufacturing, Williams Racing.

Williams Racing’s core competency is the design, manufacture and development of racing cars to compete in the FIA Formula 1 World Championship. Innovation, precision and manufacturing excellence are the cornerstones of success for a racing team competing at the pinnacle of global motorsport.

“Formula 1 is a torture test of precision and quality,” says Dr. Jochen Peter, member of the ZEISS Group Executive Board responsible for the Industrial Quality & Research segment. “Therefore, the highest standards of precision and quality are required. Many new technologies and developments start here and then find their way into automobile production. We are proud to support the Williams Racing team with our experience and know-how and our extraordinary dedication to precision and quality.”

With a strategic ambition to be Climate Positive by 2030, Williams Racing is one of the leading teams in Formula 1 to state its ambitions to drive positive, sustainable change throughout the industry. As a sport, Formula 1 is a pioneer in its development of fully sustainable e-fuels for introduction in Formula 1 hybrid engines in 2026.

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