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December 2022 Metrology News Magazine

Editors Message:

As we edge towards the holidays most will be relieved to have put 2022 behind us. We entered the year with apprehension after the ‘annus horribilis’ of 2021, while having both optimism, and excitement, given the lifting of Covid restrictions and our ability to freely travel once more. 2022 for sure turned out to be not an easy year with manufacturing experiencing supply chain issues, high inflation, labour shortages, and a slowing economy. The metrology sector however remained resilient and appears to have come through the year in a generally positive spirit.

It was indeed great to get out and walk the floor of exhibitions again in 2022, physically seeing many of the newly introduced products we had written about during the restrictions, and ‘catch-up’, in the flesh, with old friends and colleagues while meeting many new ones physically for the first time.

While exhibitions may no longer have the same importance to exhibitors and visitors alike the excitement of being back was undeniable. Following the ‘return year’, it’s now down to exhibition organizers to restructure their products and deliver a more cost-effective platform that strikes the correct balance between value and deliverable in recognition that physical events now compete ‘head-on’ with digital marketing and online events, and that many would-be attendees just cannot get days away from their busy work schedules to visit. My personal belief is that many of the annual shows need to go biennial, be fewer days in duration, and become more creative with opening hours. Much has changed over the past three years – now it’s the time for exhibitions to shift their paradigm!

2022 supplied an incredible abundance of sector news coming across the Metrology News desk exhibiting just how dynamic the metrology sector is, with its increasing role in supporting automation efforts, and the relentless migration to smarter manufacturing.

With December being a short work month, we have published early and highlight below a selection of the news stories from the past 3 weeks. We will go dark until the new year but will publish our ‘Year in Review’ article over the holiday period featuring our stand-out stories of 2022 – so watch out for this. The complete library of December articles can be accessed by clicking here.

We would like to take this opportunity to thanks our readers and sponsors for their continued support of Metrology News and wish everyone a relaxing and enjoyable holiday period and let’s hope for a ‘annus mirabilis‘ in 2023.

As usual I welcome your comments, news and views – my inbox is always open.

Keith Mills – Publishing Editor

World’s Largest Non-Contact Robot Measuring Cell Inaugurated

Together with its project partners, ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions, and precision metrology services provider a3Ds, Siempelkamp Foundry recently presented the world’s largest non-contact robot measuring cell. As a world first, the new robot measuring cell is the special pride of the leading hand-casting manufacturer … read more

Measuring Automotive Surfaces From Substrate to Clear Coat

For years, automotive manufacturers have only been able to verify the quality of paints and coatings after completing the entire process. Without a method to track the quality of paint finishes from end-to-end of the coating process, components continue through manufacturing, accruing greater and greater value, before being scrapped … read more

Robotic Automation of Fan Blade Visual Surface Inspection

Automation is a common practice in the aerospace industry and more particularly among the manufacturers of gas turbine components. The benefits of automating the production and repair of these parts are numerous: consistency, repeatability, increased precision, reduced cycle time, data reports, etc. However, a crucial stage in production remains not very automated: visual inspection … read more

Did We Celebrate Autonomous Quality Inspection Too Soon?

In many industries, advocates of artificial intelligence and autonomous technology are quick to promise sweeping transformation and fully autonomous solutions. However, the optimists usually promise more than they can deliver and soon find the engineering challenges are greater than they first realised. This article asks whether we celebrated the arrival of autonomous quality inspection too soon … read more

3D Scanning Chrome Automotive Parts

Bumpers, radiator grilles or rims – in vehicle construction, many components of high-quality bodywork are chrome-plated or coated with other shiny surfaces.  Though they gleam with quality, they are a challenge to optical quality controls. Because shiny parts can be hard to digitise. Even modern optical scanners reach their limit where shiny surfaces are concerned … read more

Sensofar Adds New Integrable Metrology Sensors

For over twenty years Sensofar has worked towards achieving excellence in the field of optical metrology by listening to its customers and market needs. Sensofar now has announced the launch of its Smart 2 and the S neox Cleanroom sensors that extend its sensor heads line. The S mart 2 represents a technological disruption in areal metrology; the S neox Cleanroom is a powerful advanced sensor head … read more

Fixture Tech and Alukeep To Drive Global Fixturing

The global market for fixture and automation solutions is evolving and requires agile, innovative, reliable and customer-centric suppliers. After having become an independent solution provider, FIXTURE TECH is now taking the next step in its evolution and joining forces with Alukeep in order to become the leading innovation and solution provider … read more

Optical Inspection System Offers High Precision Scanning

LMI Technologies (LMI), the global leader in 3D scanning and inspection, has announced the official release of its Photon Optical Inspection System. The non-contact system provides surface characterization of multi-layered, textured, mixed, and a wide range of other precision-manufactured materials. The system is CE and FCC-certified. Photon leverages LMI’s Line Confocal and Laser Profiler sensor technology … read more

Roundscan Offers All-In-One Measuring System

Roundness testers, surface analyzers and lead angle detection inspection benches—instrumentation to measure roundness, cylindricity, surface finish and lead angle shaft seals have all existed separately for a long time. The Hommel-Etamic Roundscan system incorporates all these measurements into one robust automated inspection system for metrology lab and shop floor production … read more

ZEISS Group Report Another Very Successful Year

The ZEISS Group achieved significant growth across all segments despite challenging geopolitical and economic conditions. Revenue rose by 16% to 8.8 billion euros, surpassing over 8 billion euros for the first time (prior year: 7.5 billion euros) in fiscal year 2021/22 (end of reporting period: 30 September 2022) … read more

OPTOCOMB’s Unique Metrology Capabilities at Core of Nikon’s Next Big Thing

The OptoComb is a high-precision measurement technology that has been developed by XTIA Ltd., a high-tech company spun off from the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Nikon already possesses world-class optical and precision technologies, but it is now taking on the challenge of launching new business … read more

Molecules Have an Orientation – Scientists Have a New Way to Measure It

Scientists haven’t had good ways to measure molecular orientation in three dimensions at a microscopic scale, leaving them in the dark about why some materials behave the way they do. Now, researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have measured the 3D orientation of the molecular building … read more

Integrated AI Software Overcomes Part Variance Enabling Flexible Automation

Micropsi Industries recently announced that its artificial intelligence (AI)-based software MIRAI is now compatible with numerous robots produced by FANUC. With MIRAI, FANUC customers can now add valuable hand-eye coordination to multiple FANUC industrial and collaborative robots (cobots) to handle difficult-to-automate functions. Using AI, the MIRAI controller generates robot movements directly … read more

Autonomous Sorting Of Nuclear Waste Uses Machine Vision and Machine Learning

UK laser systems integrator, Cyan Tec has revealed a fully autonomous robotic sort and segregation system for handling nuclear waste. This innovative project drives forward technology in nuclear decommissioning enabling low and intermediate level waste to be sorted remotely. The advanced robotic solution is capable of safely … read more

Evolution of the Metrology Market

Metrology has long played a crucial behind-the-scenes role in the production of the manufactured objects that make up the world around us. Nearly every product – from the simplest consumer electronic, to the newest and most sophisticated automobile – contains parts and components that need to fit together … read more

The Measure of the Holidays (4.0) …

The holiday season has arrived, another year is in the book, manufacturing has rebounded, yet challenges still abound. We found plenty to report, in what proved a tough old year, we appreciate all of our readers, and will be back again next year. We truly value all our sponsors, as we publish the latest news, we value our industry relationships, and the engagement that ensues. Industry 4.0 is coming … read more


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