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Fixture Tech and Alukeep To Drive Global Fixturing

The global market for fixture and automation solutions is evolving and requires agile, innovative, reliable and customer-centric suppliers.

After having become an independent solution provider, FIXTURE TECH is now taking the next step in its evolution and joining forces with Alukeep in order to become the leading innovation and solution provider to the global client base across industries.

Over time the names have changed, but technology, people’s passion and expertise has remained in the companies’ DNA. FIXTURE TECH and Alukeep have been on the market for more than 25 years and the unprecedented experience and competence gained in the metrology sector worldwide is what distinguishes their commercial offer.

FIXTURE TECH Solution GmbH is the evolution of ‘Junker und Partner’ and Carl Zeiss Fixture Systems. Over the years it has established itself as a market leader in the field of fixtures. Alukeep was born as a brand of the Ambrosi Group, becoming a German company in 2019 with a production site in Italy and China, and with agents in 25 countries around the world. The desire to grow further, the same vision that binds the two passionate fixture providers, the complementary products and services, the German quality and the Italian pragmatism has led FIXTURE TECH and Alukeep to join forces.

The innovative automated mobile robot ‘eMOBEE’, fixture solutions, highly innovative augmented reality tools, sustainable retooling offering (Reduce – Reuse – Recycle), flexible DIY Kits and the passion of the people will empower their clients to best address and satisfy their needs as well as further improve complete processes.

Francesco di Bari, CEO of FIXTURE TECH claims: “Together we can serve our clients with a more comprehensive portfolio of products, solutions and services worldwide. Shaking hands with our business partners Thomas and Max not only enables FIXTURE TECH and Alukeep to exploit a wider range of opportunities but will also allow us to deliver solid value for the customers.”

From the moment of the acquisition, FIXTURE TECH stands on a very solid financial, business and strategic basis and enjoys greater flexibility to expand the business beyond the current scope. Joining forces with Alukeep makes a lot of sense” states Frederic Hierl, Managing Director of ASC Investment, the owner of FIXTURE TECH.

Our philosophy is simple: the customers need solutions, professionalism and human relationship.” This is the core belief of Massimo Dompè, the new Technical Director at FIXTURE TECH and at the same time CEO of Alukeep. “These three simple words underline the great ability to listen to the customer and bring added value to each project, and it were the same words that led to the collaboration between FIXTURE TECH and Alukeep.”

Thomas Ambrosi, the founder of Alukeep, states: “Alukeep believes in the need to seek continuous improvement in key sectors for the global future, aiming at reducing waste and optimizing resources. This has always allowed us to achieve common goals with customers all over the world. Collaboration with FIXTURE TECH will not only lead to a sum of competence but also to an exponential opportunity for our common customers.”

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