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2022 Manufacturing Metrology Year in Review

We look back over 2022 and highlight Metrology News articles shaping the future of manufacturing metrology along with exclusive interviews with industry experts.

Delivering Smart Coordinate Metrology Solutions Supporting Quality 4.0

Metrology News sat down with Dr. Heike Wenzel, CEO Wenzel Group, for a discussion on the future role of three dimensional coordinate metrology in the new era of smart factories and seamlessly integrated manufacturing processes. Q: The era of Smart Manufacturing is upon us. How do you see the role role of the Coordinate Measuring Machine changing … read more

Future of Manufacturing – Digital Factory and Connected Data

Industry 4.0 has taken manufacturing to the next level, handing processes over to technology, smart machines, and AI. These transformations often happen in isolation, creating siloed environments that miss the bigger purpose of digitalization. When a company connects data among people, programs, and processes it creates a digital factory … read more

Shaping The Future Of Coordinate Measuring Machines

The Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) has been around in its current bridge configuration form for over 35 years. While speed and accuracies have improved over the decades the basic footprint has remained unchanged. The bridge CMM is something of a ‘space hog’ with its ‘X-Y’ measuring volume being only some … read more

Closing The Loop in Digital Manufacturing

Digitalized manufacturing enables a closed-loop production that results in increased efficiency, less waste and improved quality. Sandvik has rapidly expanded its digital offering to automate and connect the manufacturing value chain, from design and planning to preparation, production and verification. Sandvik has since long been a world-leading supplier of tools and … read more

Dynamic 9D LADAR To Revolutionize Production Measurements

API has launched its DYNAMIC 9D LADAR (LAser Detection and Ranging) system, an innovative measuring solution that captures both dimensional and surface geometry data. The system incorporates a breakthrough technology that is set to revolutionize automated production measurements. The patent-pending Dynamic 9D LADAR offers the world’s first interferometry-based LADAR system … read more

Transitioning Into The Digitalization Era of Manufacturing

Metrology News sat down with Marc Soucy President of Innovmetric, developer of the Polyworks software platform, for a discussion on how the digitization of manufacturing will impact measurement processes, access to and utilization of actionable data, the future role of ‘part digital twins’ along with adaption … read more

Enabling Manufacturing Innovation With Virtual Twin Experience

Manufacturers in just about every industry are already embracing the reality of Industry 4.0—that the digital transformation of factories is necessary, replacing manual processes with automated systems in cyber-physical smart factories. This is crucial as challenges caused by global disruptions can make it even more challenging … read more

How Edge Cloud 4 Production Will Revolutionize Factory Automation

Centralized, not decentralized; local servers, not hundreds of industrial PCs; software, not hardware: with the local server solution Edge Cloud 4 Production, Audi is initiating a paradigm shift in automation technology. After successful testing in the Audi Production Lab (P-Lab), three local servers will take over directing workers in its … read more

Industry 4.0 Brings Opportunities To Infuse AI Into Manufacturing

We live in the age of Industry 4.0. This Fourth Industrial Revolution with its unprecedented speed and scale allows you to take a more data-driven approach to operations. This data, pulled from your assets, adds value and enables smarter decisions … read more

3D Metrology Performance Critical To Digital Manufacturing

Metrology News sat down with Laurent Monge, the new President at Metrologic, for a discussion on its future vision for 3D metrology software and how it fits into Sandvik’s strategy for the digitization of manufacturing. Q: What strategic role, as an enabling software, do you envisage for Metrolog software as the manufacturing world focuses on its transition to Industry 4.0 and adaptive manufacturing? … read more

Future of Manufacturing Powered By Data and Analytics

Manufacturing industry is on the verge of a data‑driven revolution. Companies are collaborating in hyperconnected value networks, using data‑and‑analytics applications to drive productivity, develop new customer experiences and improve the societal and environmental impact of companies. This technological advance has come at a time of uncertainty. Climate change, supply chain disruption and conflict … read more

The Industrial Metaverse – The Next Big Thing For Manufacturing?

The digital world and the real world are becoming increasingly mixed. This development is leading to a new generation of the Internet in which the Metaverse is making the digital world more real and reality more digital. The Metaverse is based on real-time 3D content. Virtual and Augmented Reality allow … read more

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