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Cohu Launch Artificial Intelligence (AI) Inspection Capability

Cohu, a global supplier of equipment and services optimizing semiconductor manufacturing yield and productivity, recently announced the market introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Inspection software, a new product offering as part of Cohu’s DI-Core analytics platform.

AI Inspection software provides real-time computation that enables semiconductor manufacturers to improve visual inspection accuracy at production speeds. AI Inspection more accurately differentiates micro-scale defects from cosmetic patterns as compared with current methods. The product utilizes proprietary deep learning and neural network technologies to improve inspection yield without compromising quality. The global market for artificial intelligence applications in manufacturing is projected to grow at a 43% CAGR and reach $21.3 billion by 2028. Cohu’s DI-Core AI Inspection module is aimed at optimizing semiconductor inspection.

“We are pleased to introduce our DI-Core AI Inspection software, which has received initial orders from two customers,” said Luis Müller, Cohu President and CEO. “We believe AI Inspection has the potential to provide meaningful benefits, and up to 2% higher first pass inspection yield for customers utilizing this product on Cohu equipment.”

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