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HOMMEL ETAMIC Calibrates With Improved Accuracy To New Roughness Metrology Standard

HOMMEL ETAMIC, Jenoptik’s industrial metrology business, is the first calibration laboratory to be DAkkS-certified for the new series of roughness measurement standards ISO 21920. At the same time, it has revised the measurement algorithms of its software ‘Evovis’ and thus significantly increased its calibration accuracy: the roughness technology standards calibrated by HOMMEL ETAMIC are now up to four times more accurate than before. HOMMEL ETAMIC thus has the highest measurement accuracy worldwide for surface quality parameters within the German Calibration Service (DKD).

Certified Quality In Accordance With ISO 21920

The ISO 21920 series of standards has been in force since 2022. It defines the parameters of roughness measurement technology more clearly and reduces measurement uncertainties. ISO 21920 will replace the previous roughness measurement technology standards after a smooth transition period. By applying for certification at an early stage, the HOMMEL ETAMIC calibration laboratory is responding to the explicit demand on the market to calibrate standards for measuring surface quality in accordance with the new series of standards in line with proven quality standards.

“With our latest DAkkS accreditation, we are future-proofing our customers,” says Dr. Raimund Volk, Head of the HOMMEL ETAMIC calibration laboratory. “With our new devices, software updates and the standards calibrated by us, our customers measure according to the highest possible current standards and meet the quality requirements of the future.” The DAkkS-DKD calibration certificates issued by the HOMMEL ETAMIC calibration laboratory for the roughness measurement technology standards are internationally recognized and audit-proof.

The employees of the calibration laboratory act independently when preparing the calibration certificates. They are solely committed to the highest possible quality standard of traceability to internationally recognized reference measurements. In an elaborate approval process lasting almost three years, the employees were trained and tested by auditors from the National Metrology Institute Germany (PTB) on behalf of the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS). The calibration laboratories are also subject to ongoing inspections.

The DAkkS-DKD calibration laboratory of JENOPTIK Industrial Metrology Germany GmbH with the number D-K-15030-01-00 operates under the HOMMEL ETAMIC brand following the new strategic alignment of the Jenoptik Group. It was founded in 1980. The calibration laboratory is a member of the German Calibration Service (DKD) and is authorized to display the DKD logo on its calibration certificate. It covers the measured variables of roughness, stylus instruments, form, contour, and shaft measuring instruments.

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