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AI-Based Software Delivers Actionable Insights For Manufacturers

SymphonyAI Industrial recently announced the launch of two new AI-based processes and performance software solutions to improve manufacturing output and quality.

Batch 360, a process performance and optimization solution, and Vision 360, a computer vision solution, use next-generation predictive intelligence to help manufacturers achieve accuracy and efficiency from assembly line processes to individual machines. These solutions apply to a broad range of manufacturing processes, including discrete and batch continuous applications.

Improving Quality While Lowering Costs

Batch 360 is a solution that helps manufacturers maintain high-quality production batches within tighter specifications and lowers costs. Through an Al-driven multivariate model that harnesses and analyzes all available manufacturing data – including imagery, metrology, logs, and time-series data – Batch 360 delivers actionable insights that maximize production. Using domain-specific rules and failure modes effect analysis (FMEA), Batch 360 helps facilitate the production of a ‘golden batch’ by providing manufacturers with set point recommendations based upon dynamic operating conditions.

Computer Vision For Automated Quality Inspection

Vision 360 combines image-based AI with deep learning models to enhance individual manufacturing machine inspection accuracy. Using the latest advantages of GPU computing, Vision 360 analyzes and organizes an incoming stream of visual data to detect anomalies and provide insights, trends, and forecasts that operators can use to tune and adjust for yield and quality during the manufacturing process. With real-time clustering, classification, and forecasting of key KPIs, Vision 360 provides early identification of potential problem areas and continuously steers production to operate at its highest point of efficiency.

“Process and discrete manufacturers are under tremendous pressure to ensure that plants are running as efficiently as possible,” said Dominic Gallello, CEO of SymphonyAI Industrial. “Batch 360 and Vision 360 combine our deep knowledge of the plant floor with all the benefits that IIoT and AI can deliver to provide our customers with faster and more accurate decisions during the manufacturing
process. The results for our early users have been terrific.”

Batch 360 and Vision 360 will be supported on the SymphonyAI Industrial MOM 360 platform. MOM 360 is a software-only manufacturing execution system (MES) system that connects machines and data operations across a global network of plants to help optimize data-driven processes at an enterprise scale.

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