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Toyota Mississippi Approves DeGould Digital Vehicle Inspection System

DeGould has announced the installation of an Auto-Compact digital vehicle inspection system at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi. The plant, located in Blue Springs, is responsible for producing the 12th generation Corolla, exporting vehicles to the Americas. The system was installed in January 2022.

Manufacturing 8 Million cars annually, Toyota has thorough test procedures in place for new systems, and a reputation for the highest quality standards. For the last eight months the DeGould Auto Compact system has endured rigorous testing and calibration, as part of Toyota’s approval process.

The Auto-Compact digital vehicle inspection system has been benchmarked against current line inspection metrics as a proof of concept. As a result of this testing, DeGould is able to confirm that the system is officially approved by Toyota and has been fully implemented, marking a first for vehicle surface inspections of this kind.

Toyota Mississippi validated that the Auto-Compact digital inspection system has significantly shortened inspection times and improved the accuracy of the damage detection process.

The Artificial Intelligent technology means that a higher volume of imperfections such as scratches, dents, dings and chips can be detected at an earlier stage in the logistics process, as opposed to further down the delivery cycle, working towards a shorter lead time for Toyota customers. When a vehicle passes through the white, dark and structured light fields pre-trained models are used to detect vehicle defects, delivering robust automated vehicle inspections.

In addition, Toyota can reallocate team member skills to other areas of the production line as the DeGould Auto-compact fully automates the inspection process.

Ed Jones, Chief Commercial Officer at DeGould, commented: “The Toyota approval marks a significant milestone for DeGould, the whole team have worked incredibly hard to gain this achievement.”

“We are looking forward to continuing the relationship with Toyota, working towards supporting the company on a global scale,” added Jones.

DeGould was founded in 2012 and currently has digital vehicle inspection systems installed with leading OEMs and supply chain partners globally. The company is currently channelling investment and funding into further R&D activities to assist OEMs to overcome challenges on the production line that can be solved using advanced computer vision and AI Technology.

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