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Precision Calibration of Small Force Instruments

Morehouse Instrument Company, accredited provider of force and torque measurement services, has announced the introduction of its new Small Deadweight Machine (SDM). Designed to address the challenges of calibrating small force instruments, the SDM sets a new standard for metrology accuracy, efficiency, and versatility.

Traditional methods for calibrating small force instruments, such as stacking weights or using makeshift jigs, are time-consuming and prone to error. The Morehouse SDM is its most compact, fully automated deadweight machine yet. Designed with interchangeable weights and cutting-edge technology, it eliminates manual weight handling and ensures calibration accuracies exceeding 0.005% of applied force.

Key Advantages of the SDM

Unmatched Accuracy: Standard force values are meticulously calibrated, accounting for material density, air buoyancy, and local gravity.

Eliminates Tare Weight Issue: Precision adapters and calibrated hangers ensure accurate measurements every time.

Smooth, Automated Processes: Eliminates vibrations and fluctuations caused by manual loading by operators.

Efficiency Boost: One operator can manage multiple SDM machines, streamlining calibration workflow and throughput.

Customization: SDM machines are offered with force ranges from 0.044 lbf (20 gf) to 44 lbf (20 kgf).

“At Morehouse Instrument Company, precision isn’t just a goal—it’s our promise. With the SDM, we’re transforming small force calibration, ensuring accuracy, reliability, repeatability, and efficiency for your critical applications,” says Henry Zumbrun, president of Morehouse Instrument Company.

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