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Optical Line Scanner Extends CMM Measuring Versatility

The WENZEL WM | LS 50 laser line scanner enables the CMM to scan most manufactured parts with high accuracy and high scanning speed. Moreover a Renishaw TP 2/20/200 probe can be added to the scanner, enabling a unique contact/non contact measurement blend. The compactness of the WM | LS 50, offering 50mm laser line length, combined with the Renishaw PH10 motorized indexing probe head enables the scanning of complex shapes, even in hard-to-reach part areas.

Together with its ‘big brother’ WM | LS 150 the laser scanners are the newest members of WENZEL’s optical sensor portfolio. The optical sensor sensors offer a laser line width of up to 150 mm and can be used with an autojoint adapter on both CMMs and portable measuring arms.

No additional control unit is required when used on portable measuring arms. In addition, the sensor can be integrated into existing WENZEL measuring systems as a system upgrade and already fully integrated into WENZEL’s measuring software WM | Quartis. In combination with a tactile sensor and a WENZEL CMM users receive an unbeatable combination of increased measuring flexibility and performance at an excellent price/performance ratio.

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