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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – March 22nd

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Deep Learning For Factory Automation

Traditional machine vision systems perform reliably with consistent, well-manufactured parts. They operate via step-by-step filtering and rule-based algorithms that are more cost-effective than human inspection. But algorithms become unwieldy as exceptions and defect libraries grow. Certain traditional machine vision inspections, such as final assembly verification, are notoriously difficult to program … read more

Driving-Up CMM Measuring Lab Efficiency With Motorized Fixture Plates

The ZEISS, remote controlled, self-propelled CARFIT eMOBEE honeycomb fixture plate efficiently transport components providing sustainable support for the CMM loading processes in the measuring lab. The increase in parts variety, along with companies’ intensive efforts to inspect components at an even faster rate, means that measuring areas must be properly … read more

Trumpf Partner with NNAISense Cutting-Edge AI Technology

TRUMPF recently partnered with NNAISENSE – a company that delivers cutting-edge AI technology for inspection, modelling, and control of its customers’ industrial production processes – to build and implement a custom AI-powered system that will help TRUMPF deliver even more value to its customers. TRUMPF sees AI as part of … read more

CT Machine Introduces Innovative Features Doubling Productivity and Enhancing Inspection

Nikon Corporation  has announced the release of the 225kV XT H 225 ST 2x microfocus X-ray CT (Computed Tomography) system. With the increase in electronic and semiconductor parts mounted on products for the automobile industry as well as the spread of 3D printers, the number of products molded by various methods … read more

Brilliant Performance on Reflective Materials

Are you looking for a reliable method of measuring critical and highly critical workpieces? Dr. Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik claims to have the perfect solution for you. The Schneider’s chromatic white-light sensor assists users to accomplish the most sensitive of inspection tasks with ease, such as measuring the thickness of glass … read more

Alignment Laser Accelerates Machine Tool Assembly Checks

The ultimate accuracy and reliability of a machine tool depends in no small degree on the alignment checking during its assembly. For machine tools produced in high volumes, the efficiency of the alignment checking process is paramount. Seeking an alternative to traditional error measurement techniques, Hurco Manufacturing Ltd. (Hurco) chose … read more

Easy Entry Into Metrology-Grade Automated 3D Scanning

Capture 3D  has announced the availability of the GOM ScanCobot, a mobile automated 3D scanning system, that integrates with GOM’s blue light 3D scanners ATOS Q and ATOS Core. With support from GOM’s intelligent software, users can create efficient automation routines that produce precise, accurate, and repeatable measurement results without … read more

Waygate Technologies Launches New Generation of Digital X-Ray Detector

Waygate Technologies has announced that it has launched a next generation digital X-ray detector solution for cabinet integration. With the new Seifert DXR 100S-41M and DXR 200S-41M, the company offers its latest industry-proven detector technology as a stand-alone package for retrofits of existing X-ray facilities, from film to Digital Detector … read more

4D-CT Technique Delivers Thousand-Fold Increase in Imaging Speed

Sumitomo Rubber Industries (SRI) and Associate Professor Wataru Yashiro of the Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials, Tohoku University’s (IMRAM) has announced that it has achieved a thousand-fold increase in the speed of 4D-CT (4-Dimensional Computed Tomography) imaging due to collaborative research that brings together industry and academia … read more

NPL Develop ISO/IEC Standard for Measuring Graphene Structural Properties

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL), in collaboration with international partners, have developed an ISO/IEC standard, ISO/TS 21356-1:2021, for measuring the structural properties of graphene, typically sold as powders or in a liquid dispersion. The ISO/IEC standard allows the supply chain to answer the question ‘what is my material?’ and is … read more

42 Technology Develops Automated Scratch Detection System

42 Technology and INFICON AG, a leading industrial sensor companies, have worked together on a new automated inspection technology that can reliably detect all scratches of more than 10 microns in width on polished glass surfaces in under one second. The new scratch detection technology is being used by INFICON to … read more

Software Converts Measurement Data Directly to Process Control Information

In today’s fast paced manufacturing environment operators struggle to make machine adjustments because they don’t have the time or ability to interpret the part measurement results. This situation can lead to machine down-time and the production of scrap components. The Reaction Plan Manager++ software solution from Becker Quality Systems simplifies … read more

Fundamental Physics Collaboration Into Enhancing Optical Metrology

A leading academic team from the UK’s Heriot-Watt University is partnering with ASML, a major international supplier to the semiconductor industry, driving the advancement of new light source technologies. In a five-year collaboration partly funded by ASML, Professor John Travers’ research into fundamental physics will be accelerated, creating a direct route … read more

Renishaw Receive Funding For Large Scale Additive Manufacturing

The UK government-industry is funding five projects through the Aerospace Technology Institute Programme aimed to improve manufacturing within the aerospace industry, developing technology to make production lines quicker, more efficient, and more cost-effective. The projects will safeguard the UK’s manufacturing sector, ensuring that the UK remains a competitive market for … read more

3D Geometry Visualization Engine for Industry 4.0 Goes Open Source

Zea, a company specializing in Web-based 3D geometry visualization for Industry 4.0, has announced that the Zea Engine is now open source. For the Montreal-based company founded in 2015, its business model’s evolution will enable software developers to fully benefit from the advantages of open source in terms of innovation … read more

Driver Safety Increased With 100% Inspection Comparison to CAD

Reflective surfaces on head-up displays need to deliver undistorted images to ensure high driver safety. This requires even the tiniest distortions to be eliminated. To achieve this, ISRA VISION, a global leader of surface inspection systems, has developed the perfect solution with the SpecGAGE3D product family. These products deliver automated … read more

New Optical Solution for Forming Analysis

GOM’s ARGUS system provides a complete solution for forming analysis in order to understand and solve challenges coming up in the sheet metal forming process. ARGUS is composed of a certified photogrammetry camera and the all-new ARGUS Professional software. Thanks to the updated features like formability and FLD analysis and … read more

Intelligent Multi-Camera System Provides Vaccine Bottle Quality Control

Combating the Covid-19 pandemic is at the top of the global agenda. Providing vaccine to populations around the globe means providing around 8 billion doses. In addition to the availability of the vaccine, a decisive factor in the race against time is the disposability of the glass vials … read more

3D Scanner Certified for Universal Robots Cobots

A cooperation between Evatronix and Universal Robots (UR), leader in the field of collaborative robots (cobots), has been announced to provide the deployment of automated quality control systems on production lines. The UR+ certificate, offering certified UR Robot accessories, guarantees seamless implementation of the 3D scanning system reducing return on … read more

Metrology and Additive Manufacturing Lab Ensures Quality

Manufacturing quality parts for the Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex sustainment mission at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia, can be challenging when a part exists only in a drawing. The Metrology and Additive Manufacturing Lab with the 402nd Commodities Maintenance Group has the solution for those hard to find parts … read more