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October 2022 Metrology News Magazine

Editors Message:

At this time of the year, most companies will be starting the fiscal budgeting process for their coming financial year. A budget is one of the most important annual activities for a business. The budgeting process allows management to ensure they have the necessary revenue projections to offset projected operating expenses. The budget also makes it possible to plan for anticipated investments such as new manufacturing machinery and equipment. Budgets are typically not only based on past performance but also on market economics and industry forecast data. The need for data to be as precise as possible is critical in producing an accurate and achievable budget.

Data is also the key to effective manufacturing with its ever-more sophisticated processes. Data is the key component in smart manufacturing whereby data is dynamically used, in as near to real-time as possible, to adjust machinery by compensating for drift to ensure zero defects. Accurate data is critical for both budgeting a business and in controlling the whole of its ongoing manufacturing operations. It is therefore alarming the frequency with which Metrology News receives press releases from ‘research companies’ publicizing their reports predicting the growth expectations for particular industrial segments. All of these reports appear, in our opinion, continually to hype market growth, over the forecast periods, and can be dangerous for companies operating in these segments to utilize such data in the preparation of their budgets.

Metrology News does however deems it responsible to publish market data from industry organizations, that compile market statistics directly from their members, in order to characterize markets and trends. Metrology News regularly reports industrial robot, manufacturing technology and cutting tool statistics, all of which provide a barometer of manufacturing industry which we deem valuable. In addition, we regularly report financial results of publicly traded companies in the metrology sector to further characterize market sector performance.

Remember – with bad data you can control and manage nothing – and bad data makes it harder to make and execute decisions.

This month we published a number of articles relating to market data including: “Manufacturing Technology Orders Reverse Downward Trend“; “All-Time High Robot Population – Half a Million Robots Installed in 1 Year“; “US Cutting Tool Orders Up 8.9 Percent Over 2021“; “Ready To Create Your Strategic Business Plan for 2023?

As we start thinking forward to next year Metrology News recently published its planned 2023 Editorial Calendar.

The magazine below highlights a selection of our October published stories; the complete library of October articles can be accessed by clicking here.

As usual I welcome your comments, news and views along with guest articles – my inbox is always open.

Keith Mills – Publishing EditorZEISS Launches ScanBox Series 5

ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions has expanded its range of optical 3D measuring machines with the new model series ZEISS ScanBox Series 5. In the new series, the proven technological concept of automated ZEISS ScanBox systems is complemented by attractive improvements such as an optimized robot module and a rotation table with a load capacity of up to two tons … read more

Fast & Flexible Production 3D Inspection

Dimensional inspection of large, geometrically complex components, such as aluminum die-cast components for the automotive industry, have so far only been able to be validly measured with great effort. Measurement in the measuring room requires a corresponding capacity and is time-consuming; so-called ‘Gage-Checks’ require a certain planning, procurement and implementation … read more

360° Inspection Solution For Battery Cell Production Launched

ISRA VISION has introduced PouchSTAR, a new inspection system for pouch battery cells. This system is a new addition to the company’s product family for use in the production of lithium-ion batteries. With this expansion, ISRA VISION now allows manufacturers to monitor every aspect of the entire battery production … read more

Artec 3D Launches Metrology Kit Optical Measuring System

Artec 3D, developer and manufacturer of professional 3D hardware and software, has announced the release of the Artec Metrology Kit, a 3D optical coordinate measuring system for high-precision inspection – unlocking deformation analysis and enabling greater accuracy for measuring objects and areas of all sizes … read more

Pagani Automobile Uses 3D Scanners To Optimize Manufacturing and Quality Control

At first, an unusual feeling of quietude rests on the racetrack, but this temporary peace is just asking to be disturbed. Leaning against the railing, you hold your breath as if bracing for a surging frenzy that will shatter every ounce of serenity and calmness in the air. In the next moment, your heart marks a pause … read more

McLaren Racing Saves on Quality Assurance Processes With 3D Printing

Formula One team McLaren Racing is responding to tighter vehicle production time and budget limits from the FIA by 3D printing tens of thousands of parts with large next-generation Neo 800 stereolithography 3D printers from Stratasys. McLaren produces up to 9,000 parts per year across numerous front and rear wing programs … read more

Multi-Sensor CMM Delivers ‘One-Touch’ Integrated Measurement

Walking exhibition floors over the past months brought into focus the preeminent role the coordinate measuring machine (CMM) still plays in manufacturing operations as it remains the ‘go-to’ dimensional inspection tool for high-precision manufactured parts. One recent market study predicted the total CMM market … read more

Strategic Collaboration Demonstrates Closed Loop Quality Solution

Dimensional Control Systems (DCS) and Metrologic Group, both members of the Sandvik Group, collaborated at the recent IMTS 2022 exhibition to demonstrate how a closed loop quality system could look, by combining their technologies, into an End-to-End Quality Solution bringing reality to the vision of Quality 4.0 … read more

Tracking Accurate Robot Performance – Real Time

FibreFORM is Loop’s innovative system, comprising of an array of grippers which are manipulated to generate a double curvature surface perpendicular to the ply surface. Accurate robot performance is critical to success, so IONA is an attractive technology to monitor and enhance the precise position and orientation of FibreFORM … read more

Mercedes-Benz Opens Digital Factory Campus

Mercedes-Benz AG has opened its Mercedes-Benz Digital Factory Campus (MBDFC) marking the transformation of its Berlin-Marienfelde site into a centre for digitalization in automotive production. With a series of state-of-the-art pilot lines and test cells, the campus is now a hub for global Mercedes-Benz digital production … read more

Unmanned Production Drives CNC Machine Tool Monitoring With Automatic Corrections

At medical technology specialists, Günter Stoffel Medizintechnik GmbH in Wurmlingen Germany, high-precision CNC machining and traditional craftsmanship form the basis of the company’s success. Blum-Novotest touch probes, laser measuring systems and probes ensure productivity by enabling the unmanned production of the tiniest components. Common to all Stoffel instruments is the highest … read more

Determine Machine Tool Capability Automatically in Less Than One Minute

The Productivity+ Machine Health Check application from Renishaw provides automated machine tool performance verification in under a minute, helping to prevent scrap due to poor machine conditions. The rapid go/no-go check can monitor machine capability and stop the machining process to allow more detailed investigation of poor performance to be carried out … read more

Smart Manufacturing Powered by 5G

5G mobile phone networks make all the headlines, who wouldn’t like to download a two-hour movie in 10 seconds, but some of the first ‘killer applications’ for 5G will be in manufacturing. The inherent nature of the factory, a controlled environment, addresses 5G’s biggest shortcomings while promising a decent return … read more

What’s Possible With 5G?

5G, the fifth generation of cellular wireless technology, is poised to begin helping transform the way the manufacturing industry operates. Through unprecedented speed, low latency, and bandwidth capacity, 5G using millimeter wave spectrum (5G+) can enable manufacturers do more with the mega expansion of the IoT … read more

ThicknessPen Offers Versatile Dual Mode Material Thickness Gauging

Agr International recently unveiled its ThicknessPen, a portable thickness gauge, for the container glass industry. The ThicknessPen is ideal for measurement in the laboratory or on the manufacturing floor. The all-new device offers an innovative approach to portable thickness measurement with its dual mode technology … read more

Powerful Portable Surface Texture Gage Software Introduced

Most portable surface texture gages show you a number, or maybe a tiny image of the trace but what if you are ready to do more with your gage? Digital Metrology’s new TraceBoss software takes portable surface texture gages to the next level. TraceBoss interfaces instantly with most handheld surface finish gages … read more

GE Additive’s New Binder Jet Line Will Drive Repeatable Process Quality

The Binder Jet Line Series 3 can additively manufacture complex, small and large parts both – repeatably and reliably, with outstanding material properties that exceed casting equivalents with achievable through-hole diameters and wall thicknesses less than 500 μm. GE’s Binder Jet technology has regularly proven the ability to successfully print and sinter large parts which meet dimensional … read more

ZEISS Celebrates Grand Opening of Michigan Quality Excellence Center

Metrology News recently attended the grand opening of the ZEISS Quality Excellence Center in Wixom, Michigan. The COVID-delayed event, originally scheduled for 2020, commenced with a panel presentation and question and answer session with attendees. The official ribbon-cutting included a skydiver parachuting in … read more

Toyota Mississippi Approves DeGould Digital Vehicle Inspection System

DeGould has announced the installation of an Auto-Compact digital vehicle inspection system at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi. The plant, located in Blue Springs, is responsible for producing the 12th generation Corolla, exporting vehicles to the Americas. The system was installed in January 2022 … read more

What to Expect From Data-Centric AI Inspection

Identified as the key for further enhancing competitiveness and workforce reinforcement, AI has the potential to be included in various operation processes. One such field, AI in visual inspection – with computer vision and machine learning on the rise – has been becoming more popular … read more

High-Precision 2D X-Ray Technology Ensures High Quality Motorcycle Parts

Up to 400,000 motorcycle chassis components are produced each year at VMG Dambauer in Voecklabruck, Austria. Each individual part has to fulfill rigorous quality requirements – after all, it concerns people’s safety. In order to identify good and bad parts as accurately and efficiently as possible, the company relies on … read more

“All-Time High” Robot Population – Half a Million Robots Installed in One Year

The just released World Robotics report shows an all-time high of 517,385 new industrial robots installed in 2021 in factories around the world. This represents a growth rate of 31% year-on-year and exceeds the pre-pandemic record of robot installation in 2018 by 22% … read more

40Hz 3D Sensor Scans at 163 million Points Per Second

SmartRay GmbH, a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge 3D sensors for demanding, high-precision automated inspection, has launched the ECCO X 25 3D sensor, the latest in its ECCO family of sensors. Offering 4,096 points of resolution and a scan rate of up to 40 kHz, the ECCO X targets the challenges of automated optical inspection … read more

Mitutoyo Launch Smart Laser-Line Scanning Sensor For Inline Inspection

Mitutoyo Corporation in Japan has announced the launch of a versatile non-contact laser line sensor capable of profile measurement and dimensional inspection to meet in-line measurement requirements and the increasing need for high-precision measurement. SurfaceMeasure1008S is a smart sensor that uses Mitutoyo’s unique optical system in addition to conventional sensor technology … read more

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