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Determine Machine Tool Capability Automatically in Less Than One Minute

The Productivity+ Machine Health Check application from Renishaw provides automated machine tool performance verification in under a minute, helping to prevent scrap due to poor machine conditions. The rapid go/no-go check can monitor machine capability and stop the machining process to allow more detailed investigation of poor performance to be carried out.

Utilising the unique 3D sensor technology of the Renishaw OSP60 on-machine scanning probe, the Productivity+ Machine Health Check application provides an invaluable pre-machining check of CNC machine tool performance.

The Machine Health Check cycle can be incorporated into existing CNC machining programs and provides confidence in critical machining operations. A simple linear test is available for 3-axis machine tools and a kinematic cycle, determining pivot point errors, is available for 5-axis machines. Customers can use it as a one-off check before machining high-value raw materials or to track machine performance over time ensuring machine tool remain healthy manufacturing quality parts.

The Productivity+ Scanning Suite incorporates ground-breaking technology allowing organisations to completely re-think the use of on-machine process control measurement in high value CNC manufacturing tasks. Working in conjunction with manufacturing organisations in key industries, Renishaw continues to develop specific application capability to improve manufacturing processes. Based on this experience, the Productivity+ Scanning Suite comprises a variety of optional application-specific toolkit packages, each focused on an individual task or industry sector.

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