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Mitutoyo Launch Smart Laser-Line Scanning Sensor For Inline Inspection

Mitutoyo Corporation in Japan has announced the launch of a versatile non-contact laser line sensor capable of profile measurement and dimensional inspection to meet in-line measurement requirements and the increasing need for high-precision measurement.

SurfaceMeasure1008S is a smart sensor that uses Mitutoyo’s unique optical system in addition to conventional sensor technology, and is the result of  a technical tie-up with a Canadian company, and is specifically targeted inline automated measurement. By providing SurfaceMeasure1008S it will be possible to greatly contribute to improving the productivity of in-line measurement and 100% inspection in a wide range of fields such as the electrical/electronics/semiconductor industry, automobile industry, food, medical equipment and pharmaceuticals.

Accurate In-Line 100% Inspection

SurfaceMeasure1008S can obtain the profiles and three-dimensional shapes of measurement workpieces at high speed (maximum frame rate of 10 kHz) and make an automatic judgement inside the sensor. It is also equipped with a parts matching function that allows the measurement tool to be applied throughout, regardless of the orientations of the parts being measured. Measurements can be taken without performing alignment. Sensor accuracy is 20 µm with a Z repeatability of 0.5 µm and is IP67 rated.

Embedded standard measurement tools include height, width, volume, flatness, pattern matching, gap and flush.. In addition, since advanced processing functions are built into the sensor, and a dedicated controller is not required along with complicated settings and sensor programming.

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