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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – November 6th

Read a summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

Smart Camera Vision System Offers Built-in AI

KEYENCE has announced the launch of a new smart camera vision system line. The VS Series incorporates advanced lens control technology, effectively managing 19 lenses within an IP67 smart camera eliminating the need for manual lens selection … read more

GelSight Mobile Shock Protected Edition Unveiled

GelSight has announced the debut of GelSight Mobile Shock Protected Edition, a new, ruggedized version of the GelSight Mobile system, designed to perform in the most demanding environments, from production lines to the field … read more

Mahr Introduces New Portable Surface Measuring Instrument

Mahr has introduced the new MarSurf M 410 mobile surface measurement instrument which uses a skidless probe system and designed for both laboratory and production usage that makes recording and evaluating measurement data easier … read more

Decisive Role as Data Supplier Played by Industrial Sensors

Sensors are the key technology used by smart systems in a connected world. As the leading data supplier, they produce the raw material used in digitalization systems throughout the entire value chain in virtually all industrial segments. Leading players in this highly innovative growth industry will shed light on current … read more

Why Training With a Few Good Images is Fake News

Machine vision for parts inspection is a technology beset with misinformation. As recently as five years ago, the only way to teach a machine vision system what a good product looked like was to laboriously show it every possible fault … read more

Nikon Announces Investment in Ai Build Software

Nikon Corporation has announced an investment in UK based Ai Build Limited which specializes in 3D printing software, through the Nikon-SBI Innovation Fund. This investment will expand the range of value delivered to customers in additive manufacturing (AM) and accelerate Nikon’s business expansion … read more

Nexus Connected Worker Suite Connects Shop-Floor Processes With Real-Time Information

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has released Nexus Connected Worker, a suite of manufacturing software solutions that connects workers to real-time data for actionable insights and reporting on operations, maintenance, quality, and audits. Powered by Hexagon’s Nexus, a digital-reality platform … read more

Ford Aerospace Accelerates Inspection With Automated Optical Measurement

Ford Aerospace, an award-winning global specialist in pressed and high-precision machined parts for a multitude of industries, is leveraging the benefits of a new Keyence IM-8000 instant measuring system. The speed of the IM-8000 is already generating significant savings in inspection time … read more

TARUS and WENZEL Group Announce Clay Milling Cooperation

WENZEL Group and TARUS Products have announced a cooperation agreement for a development and sales and service partnership. This is intended to further expand the successes achieved to date in the field of clay milling for design and styling … read more

World’s First Fully Automated Additive 3D Production Line For Sand Cores

Voxeljet AG and Loramendi demonstrate the world’s first fully automated additive serial 3D production line for sand cores, jointly developed as part of the Industrialization of Core Printing (ICP) cooperation project. A new video released showcases the implementation of the first ICP production line at BMW Group’s plant … read more

Collaborative Robot Deployed For Impeccable Quality Control

To meet increasing customer demand, Schneider Electric wanted to make its production more efficient and more flexible. The decision was made to automate a number of repetitive tasks using robots, such as loading electrical parts into a quality check station, allowing employees to carry out more value-added tasks … read more

3D Heatmaps Offer Meaningful Feasibility Analyses

Kisters has announced that 3DViewStation has added two new enhancements with 3D Heatmaps and Curvature Analysis. Now it’s even easier to detect problems at an early stage by means of intelligent visualization. Within manufacturing companies, multiple departments are responsible for product design … read more