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‘METROLOGY BREW’ News Bulletin – March 7th

Read a quick summary of metrology and smart manufacturing news from the past 7 days.

The Standards Of Digital Transformation – KPIs Of Digital Manufacturing

Digital Transformation (DT) has been breaking the limits of what we have known as long-standing manufacturing standards. Change of this magnitude requires a fitting set of criteria that accurately defines the meaning of success. This article features some of the top key performance indicators (KPIs) of digital manufacturing. Operational Availability One of … read more

Smart Factory – Measurement Technology Controls Production

Industrial metrology, previously mainly dealt with in quality assurance areas, will play a very central role in the production of the future. Therefore, the goal of the metrology specialists are closed feedback loops. Dr. Ing. Kai-Udo Modrich, Managing Director of Carl Zeiss Automated Inspection, is convinced that “measurement technology will control production autonomously … read more

ZEISS Invests in New Digital Platform for On-demand Additive Manufacturing Services

AM is increasingly becoming a part of the industrial production chain in many different industries like medical technology, aerospace, energy or automotive. ZEISS supports this trend with quality assurance solutions across the complete additive manufacturing process and has already established collaborations with leading suppliers for manufacturing solutions to further … read more

SICK Develops High-Precision Vision System for Electric Vehicle Battery Inspection

SICK has expanded its portfolio of solutions for automotive manufacturing with a purpose-designed machine vision system for inspecting high-voltage batteries during assembly of electric vehicles. An ‘out-of-the-box’ solution with all necessary hardware and its own dedicated software enabling easy configuration of SICK’s breakthrough Ranger3 high-definition camera technology … read more

BMW’s Edge Ecosystem Wins Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award

The BMW Group’s Edge Ecosystem has won the Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award 2021 in the Envision category. The cloud-based software suite allows production-related applications on edge devices to be distributed, configured and administered worldwide. This means software innovations can now be rolled out efficiently by users themselves … read more

Sensofar Launch New Line of Optical Sensor Heads For Automation Integration

Sensofar Metrology, with 20 years’ experience in developing optical surface metrology systems, has launched a new four-sensor heads line which allow integration into manufacturing solutions. Growing interest in integrating surface metrology equipment into inspection and manufacturing machines, has inspired Sensofar to create the new line of products  … read more

New Low Cost Imaging Method Assesses Quality of AM Parts

Scientists from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore), have developed a fast and low-cost imaging method that can analyse the structure of 3D-printed metal parts and offer insights into the quality of the material. Most 3D-printed metal alloys consist of a myriad of microscopic crystals, which differ in shape, size, and … read more

Quality of Iron Castings Guarantees By X-Ray Inspection

MRB Guss GmbH Herzogenburg near Vienna has been assuring the quality of its iron castings with the ZEISS BOSELLO MAX 450kV machine. It’s an investment that’s paying off. With this device, the company is able to guarantee the quality of the iron castings not only faster … read more

Precision Medical Implants Bets on Optical Measurement Technology to Improve Quality

Medical Precision Implants (MPI) is a business project that started in 2008 in Madrid, Spain with the aim of offering medical-surgical implants into the international market. MPI comes from the experience in the precision turning sector, hand in hand with its parent company Nagamohr, who works entirely for the automotive sector … read more

Increasing Complex Part Offering by Improving Inspection Capability

UK based Boneham & Turner has increased its ability to offer more complex parts within its tooling and precision-engineered component operations with the help of a Sylvac Scan F60L optical measurement machine, supplied by Bowers Group. A fourth-generation, family-owned precision engineering solutions provider established in 1918, Boneham & Turner serve the … read more

SLM Launch Digital AM Quality Assurance Solution

SLM Solutions has announced the launch of SLM.Quality. The quality assurance software solution will enable customers to perform build job evaluations and process qualifications and part certifications more efficiently. Whether it’s for single part or series production, the SLM.Quality solution can support industrial customers during the qualification process, improving traceability … read more

Software Upgrade Packs More Power For 3D Scanning

Scan Dimension, developer of 3D scanning solutions, has announces that its SOL PRO scanning software solution has received a significant upgrade. SOL PRO Creator and SOL PRO Viewer for Scan Dimension’s professional-level 3D scanner already let users achieve top-quality 3D scanning results with minimal user intervention … read more

Oil Film Measurement Sensor Enables Optimized Aluminum Stamping

In car body manufacturing, it is far more difficult to process aluminum blanks than their steel counterparts. One key parameter determining the quality of metal forming is the thickness of the lubrication layer on the blank surface. The F-Scanner fluorescence measurement system is the only device capable of performing spatially … read more

Phantoms Tool for Nano and µCT Calibration and Image Quality Improvement

CactuX company has launched a new product line designed for nanoCT and µCT users. CactuX Phantoms provide solution for researchers and companies searching for a way to improve correction of their CT system’s geometrical misalignment, metrological characterization, calibration, and CT data quality enhancement. The product line is divided into the Spirit series … read more